Real Weddings

Samantha and Oliver

Photography by Proshot Photography

"We met at Starbucks for a classic first date - coffee, chatting, all that. I thought Olly was super cute, so I bought him a coffee during his lunch break. We both then spent way too long talking and were resultantly both late going back to work. That night, I asked him if he wanted to come to my flat party, and he drove all way from Papakura to the Birkenhead to come and see me again. We ended up having one of the best nights of my life, so we started to see each other almost every day after work from then on. The proposal happened during a big trip to America. We were on holiday with my family in Orlando, Florida, visiting Disneyworld for the first leg of the vacation. For the first six months of my freshman year at university, I worked at Disneyworld. I had told Olly about my favourite place there a million times: the Italy Pavilion inside Epcot. It was a humid day when we got there, baking through and through. Nearby, there is a beautiful fountain off to the side of the town square in the shade, so I took a seat to cool off, and Olly said he had to go to the bathroom. Little did I know, Olly had given the ring to a family friend to carry around in his backpack so I wouldn't accidentally find it. After they disappeared to the bathroom, they did a quick handover. When they returned, Olly asked if he could take my picture by Neptune's fountain. Instead of pulling out his camera, my family came over with a camera, and Olly pulled out the ring and got down on one knee! There were a lot of people around, so there was lots of clapping and cheering. Truthfully, I can't even remember what Olly said - I just dissolved straight into tears. We then celebrated with lots of champagne!"

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Photography: Proshot Photography