Chelsea + Nicholas

Beach, Pahi Peninsula

Chelsea  and Nicholas

Chelsea and Nick's gorgeous outdoor wedding took place on the 23rd February, in a private grove situated on the stunning Pahi Peninsula. The couple were wed under a flower arch with the sea as the backdrop, followed by a picnic reception on the rolling green hills. Chelsea and Nick's wedding was everything they dreamed it would be!

How We Met

I met Nick in high school when we were both 17. Our tiny school had four people in our year group, so it was only a matter of time before we became friends. We spent many hours studying in the library and could talk about anything together. Leaving school, Nick became an apprentice engineer, and I travelled the world studying fine art in five different countries. We kept in contact and would always meet up when I came back to visit. In 2013, I was studying in Korea. Nick and I were talking almost everyday. He had become my closest friend and changed so much since school. While I had always valued our friendship up until then I'd never had feelings for him. I knew Nick was in love with me and realized that our relationship had to change - either we in essence, 'broke up' or got married. In the five years I had known him, Nick had become the kind of man I had hoped to marry. He was honest, had integrity, and was my best friend. When I returned home, I told Nick that I loved him too. Two months later on July 27th, Nick took me to the beach, and overlooking the water asked me to marry him. We had spent so much time together at the beach when we were just friends, so the laid back proposal was just perfect for me. The shocking thing was no one had known we were going out, so when we announced our engagement we were the talk of the town for weeks!

How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met

Our Wedding Style

We wanted our wedding style to be both elegant and relaxed, with an outdoor summery vibe. We had looked at a few places for wedding location, but none had fit. However, one day I was jogging on our peninsula and looked down at a beautiful little spot jutting out onto the water. It was perfect and the owners were happy to let us use it. Our colour scheme used the natural beauty of our location, the dark greens of the native bush and pastel flowers. We had white, pale pink, and peachy roses with dusty miller, and chrysanthemums, complemented by succulents. Nick and I collected wild rose petals and dried them for confetti with lavender, which smelt delicious! We made little confetti holders out of paper doilies and I hand painted all our signs. There were white flowers in little jars everywhere.

Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style

The Dress, Hair & Makeup

From the start I knew I wanted a dress that was whimsical yet comfortable. I went with my bridesmaids and mum to Forever New in Albany and found perfect dresses for the girls in a pale peachy pink. There was beautiful white dress there as well and I decided to try it on even though it was short and not a wedding dress. I loved it instantly and could envision a long flowing skirt with the delicately beaded bodice. I have a good friend whose mother is an amazing seamstress and she modified the dress with layers of silk and chiffon to create something light and elegant. . My hairstyle was loose curls with a side fringe swept back and a garland of tiny roses. I wear my hair this way a lot and chose it because it was in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding and I feel comfortable with it. The girls had 50's style neat rolled up-dos, with tiny flowers attached. The make-up was light with smoky eyes and neutral lips. Very pretty yet simple.

The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was on set in a beautiful, private grove overlooking the harbour. It was intimate and beautiful, and on the Pahi Peninsula where I live which was very special. All our decorations were DIY. We collected tables and chests of drawers for putting flowers and confetti on. We also used poplar branches with tiny flower filled jars for the aisle. There was also a beautiful flowery arch that friends of ours decorated on the day. The ceremony was short and sweet. We sung Amazing Grace and had a short message from our celebrant who is also the pastor of my church. We used the traditional vows which really resonated with us and the whole service was only about 40 minutes long!

The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony

The Reception

We had a picnic reception in the same place as our ceremony. There was a beautiful white tent and everyone brought food that they had been asked to make by my mum. Everyone sat on pale pink picnic blankets facing the water. We had little hand cut and stained tree trunk slices for every blanket were people could put their drinks. It was very relaxed and our amazing location was simply stunning that time of night. Nick's Nana and my mum made three cakes between them which were then piled on top of each other and iced with a rose on top for decoration. We didn't have a first dance as we only had natural lighting and wanted to get away before dark. It worked out perfectly though and made for a very relaxed atmosphere. As we left someone organized a 'blessing tunnel' where everyone joined hands and Nick and I walked through. It was so precious and a lovely send of into our new life together.

The Reception The Reception The Reception The Reception The Reception The Reception

Special Touches

My wedding ring was actually my great grandmothers passed down to me. My grandmother had died the year before so it was very special to have a part of that side incorporated into our wedding. It also works perfectly with my engagement ring!

Special Touches Special Touches Special Touches Special Touches Special Touches Special Touches

Advice for Brides to be

My biggest advice for brides is hire a good photographer...don't skimp in this area! Hire someone whose work you love, but who also has a style that will fit with your wedding. Also, ask for help! People love to be involved, so you don't have to do everything yourself, which is physically impossible and highly stressful. Relax and enjoy this time. The wedding will all come together in the end.

Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be


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