Jordan + Curtis

Marquee Wedding, Manukau

Jordan and Curtis

From engagement party to wedding ceremony in the space of a few hours, Jordin and Curtis’ wedding was unforgettable and just that little bit different. Featuring a Polaroid photo booth, pizza, and a knee-length wedding dress, their wedding perfectly represented them as a couple.

How We Met

Curtis and I met on a dating website in June 2013. We immediately fell in love and were living together by the end of July. We knew we were meant to be together, and so things moved pretty fast. In July 2014, we got engaged. One night, we were hanging out with friends, and they all began asking when we were going to get engaged. After we arrived home, I began putting things away, but when I turned around, Curtis was down on one knee with my daughter. She said, “Marry me?” and I was like, “What???” It was so adorable – she was holding the ring and tried to put it on my finger! I said yes and we had a little family hug. It was such a great moment!

How We Met How We Met How We Met How We Met

Our Wedding Style

Right from the beginning we wanted something very different, and so we decided to get married at our engagement party as a big surprise! We set a date for 4 months later, knowing it would have to be soon after getting engaged so as to keep the ‘engagement party’ idea. It was really difficult to keep the wedding secret and I had to keep making things up! We told our bridal party so that they would be in the loop and help plan the wedding. Both sets of parents were told two weeks before the big day so that they wouldn’t completely kill us at our supposed “engagement party.” They took it reasonably well! The day began at 4pm with guests being told during the 6pm “speeches” that we would be getting married at 7pm! The whole day was such an amazing experience. Because we planned the whole wedding ourselves, Pinterest was an invaluable tool in helping me to find ideas that were economical and fitted our plan for an amazing, do-it-yourself wedding. We chose a vintage theme with soft tones of mint green that came through in our decorations, dresses, and suits. We created our own Polaroid photo booth, complete with props, and set it up on the deck. The guests could then take pictures and leave them in our wedding book. Mr. Whippy turned up at 9pm for the guests to order ice-creams and I even made one myself! Lastly, we formed our own Instagram hashtag in order to capture other people’s photos from the night. The whole day went so smoothly even though we did it ourselves and held it at our house! We had the most amazing photographers who took photos on the wedding day, and gave us a bridal photo shoot the following day! We had so much fun and the photographers captured our sense of humour which was very important to us.

Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style Our Wedding Style

The Dress, Hair & Makeup

My dress was made by Sue Hunter Design and was knee-length with a lace bodice, tulle skirt, and a diamante belt around my waist. I wore some amazing mint green pumps which really tied in with our vintage and mint green theme. I wore my hair in a slight messy bun with a small braid across the front. It perfectly matched my dress and natural makeup which featured bright pink lips. The whole look was just amazing and I felt like a princess! The bridesmaids were given 8 mint green dresses to choose from. They both choose a different dress but we all matched so well!

The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup The Dress, Hair & Makeup

The Ceremony

Our ceremony was held at 7pm in the evening. We managed to quickly get everyone and everything organised in 1 hour before getting married! When everyone arrived, they assumed it was just a very fancy engagement party. Little did they know we were actually going to get married! Their reactions were priceless. The ceremony was held under some marquees in front of a white flower arch. We had a traditional ceremony, with both of use reading our own vows and the funny things we promised to keep. We also shared 5 things we loved about each other – neither of us knew what the other had written. It was very unique and represented the values we hold as a couple.

The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony The Ceremony

The Reception

Our reception featured more mingling with finger food provided while we took family photos. We served breads and dips, antipasto platters and two of our favourite foods as the mains – pizza and sushi. Four flavours of pizza and four types of sushi were provided. It was such a hit, with our guests commenting on how awesome it was to come and get food whenever they wanted, rather than sitting down to a set meal. We also had a candy bar and of course Mr. Whippy! Our first dance was Ed Sheeran’s, “We found love”.

The Reception The Reception The Reception The Reception

Advice for Brides to be

You can have an amazing wedding on a small budget! You don’t have to have the most expensive items. It’s the ones that hold meaning and represent your love and relationship that the guests and family will appreciate.

Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be Advice for Brides to be

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