5 Reasons to Have a Slow Motion Booth at Your Wedding


Every year we see changes in the wedding industry – new themes, more tech-friendly services, and often one or two trends that really stand out. Brides and grooms are increasingly looking to customise their wedding and find ways to preserve the countless precious memories they make on that one big day. This is where a Slow Motion Booth is the ultimate addition to your wedding – see below for our top 5 reasons!

1/ Lasting memories

Video contains both audio and motion picture and together they create character. This is a much more powerful way of displaying the personality of you and your guests. Your guests will get up to all sorts of fun shenanigans in the booth and this will be captured in a video to cherish for years to come! You’ll remember all of your friends and family and be reminded of their style of humour and fun.

Adam & Kirst // The Slow Motion Booth on Vimeo.

2/ Entertainment

Wondering how to keep your guests entertained while you go off site for a creative portrait session with your photographers? No need for lawn games or finicky DIY photo frames and props. The Slow Motion Booth is fun, exciting, humorous, and will get your guest amped and ready for the dance floor. You’ll be left with an awesome online video to share with family and friends – it’ll never get old!

3/ Motion guest book

As the famous Dr Seuss once said, “You are you, that’s truer than true. There is no-one alive that is you’er than you.” The Slow Motion Booth is an awesome way to remember who was at your wedding. Each guest can have a crack at dropping a dance move, throwing some confetti, or doing something funny and random, leaving their personal signature in a digital book.

4/ Creates a party atmosphere

The Slow Motion Booth is the ultimate party starter. You can kick it off in cocktail hour, keeping your guests occupied right through until your first dance. By then, they’ll be amped and ready to cut shapes on the dancefloor after practicing in the Slow Motion Booth!

Alice & Andy // The Slow Motion Booth on Vimeo.

5/ Guest age friendly

The Slow Motion Booth isn’t age restricted either. Whether you’re 7 or 70, you are only limited by your imagination!

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