4 Fun Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding

By Interlike - Roaming Photobooth Alternatives

Things have changed a lot in the way we share our memories. Once upon a time we sent letters or photo prints and then it was email….but today, we use social media. Since we share our feelings, memories and special occasions on Facebook and Instagram, why not utilise these platforms for the wedding day as well? One of the best ways to capture candid moments from the big day is through your guest’s eyes and what better way to do this but by harnessing the power of social media! To help you get you started on planning your social sharing, Interlike have 4 great must‐read pieces of advice…

Your wedding is a HUGE day and so, of course, you want all your family and friends to be part of it. But we all know this is not always possible, especially if your favourite people are spread around the globe. Use Instagram and Facebook to share your special day with all of your friends, whether they are just down the road or travelling through Europe.

1. Get Your Wedding #tag Trending

Set a special #tag for the big day. Make sure your guests are aware of it before the wedding. Get it known, include it on your wedding invitations, and start posting the hashtag before the wedding to get it trending on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to make your hashtag as simple or as exciting as you like. But make sure you choose something unique and memorable. Include a ‘How to Play’ sign displayed on the day which reminds your guests to snap their photos and post them with the hashtag. Interlike has an Instagram Printer that will pick up all the photos shared with your wedding hashtag and print a copy for your guests to take home as well as an extra copy for the bride’s photo album.

2. Take a Selfie!

If you think that Instagram is only for the younger crowd or your guests simply won’t take you up on the offer, then Interlike’s roaming selfie machine can help you. Create a live guest book – a place online where everyone can join in the celebration of your special day. Encourage everyone to get amongst the fun. Our roaming selfie machine comes to you with two Interlike hosts to help you and your guest’s take selfies and posed photos all night long. Every photo gets printed as well so that everyone can take their favourite selfie home with them.

3. Create a Theme

Do you want everyone’s photos to fit with your unique wedding theme? With Interlike’s ‘magic machines’ you can customise every element of the photo. You have the ability to choose colours add text and graphics. You’ll have the power to ensure your guests have the best time capturing memories while still keeping in line with your carefully selected theme.

4. Complement Your Professional Wedding Photography

Gorgeous wedding photos with perfect lighting in stunning locations will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come, so don’t forgo a professional wedding photographer. However, while you’re waiting 4‐6 weeks for your wedding album, it’s lots of fun to reminisce with all the social ones! And what better way to capture the happy faces of your family and friends celebrating with you than with a selfie or two? Be open to Facebook and Instagram and you can share moments from your special day with all of your friends and family, no matter where in the world they are, right there and then. What a treat!

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