The Beginner’s Guide To Groomsmen Outfit Styling 

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

Though the groomsmen definitely have it easier than the bridesmaids when it comes to the selection and styling of the wedding outfit, there are still numerous choices that need to be made. As the wedding couple, it’ll be up to you to give your groomsmen sufficient direction so that the final look is cohesive and makes them look their absolute best (without stealing the show, of course). Whether you want to go for identical or mismatched looks, there are several questions you need to ask yourselves about various elements of groomsmen outfits. Here is our guide to navigating five elements of wedding menswear, so that the groomsmen of your party will look dashing on your big day. 


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One decision to make: bowtie, tie, or no tie? A bowtie is an accessory that can bring a fun yet dapper twist to the groomsmen's outfits. Though it is pretty versatile and complements a large range of suit types (as well as the more casual no jacket option), the selection of the suits will be important for the perfect styling of this look. Make sure that there isn’t too much front space (visible shirt that isn’t covered by the bowtie).

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Image by Hollow & Co.

The three piece suit - comprised of jacket, trousers, and waistcoat - is a more formal option (that also happens to look fantastic with a bowtie). As in the image above, having the groomsmen wear bow\ties while the groom wears a tie can be a subtle way of making the lucky man easily identifiable in the wedding photography. Of course, you can also have the opposite so that it’s the groom, and not the groomsmen, who wears the bow. 

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A nice touch is to have the colour of the groomsmen’s bowties match the bridesmaid dresses. It’s a good way of incorporating the wedding colour palette into your groomsmen’s outfits without subjecting them to the pain of buying atypically coloured suits that they will never wear again.  


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Image by Folklore Photography

Every man will have a well-fitted white shirt in their wardrobe - it’s a staple, after all. So if you want to make it a no-fuss affair for the groomsmen, opting for the white shirt with suspenders look is an effortless way of making sure they look cohesive on the day. Make sure your men look distinct from the other guests by getting them to wear matching pants and bow ties (or ties, though these can make this wedding outfit a little less casual). 


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Much like suspenders, vests are a simple styling tool that will make your groomsmen put on a cohesive, stylish front. The beauty of vests is that they have sufficient surface area so that you have a bit of flexibility when it comes to the pants - your groomsmen can wear whatever is already in the closet. Ill-fitting pants are one of the quickest ways for your groomsmen to look sloppy, so this decision could really save you from the costs of tailoring matching pants to fit each groomsman’s body type. 


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Though mismatched bridal dresses have been popular for some time now, it’s only this year that mismatched suits for the groomsmen has really trended in the wedding industry. It’s a fantastic option for several reasons: you get a more natural look that’s less contrived compared to the squad of men in identical outfits; your groomsmen will look and feel their best as they’re wearing something comfortable and perfectly fitted to them; and as long as you provide sufficient guidelines as to what colours and textiles you want them to wear, it makes the leadup to the wedding relatively hassle-free on the groomsmen styling front. Get them matching ties in a neutral hue that goes well with all suit colours so that they will still be distinct from the other guests; boutonnieres are another way of transforming your differently-clad groomsmen into a wedding-ready ensemble.  


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Image by Samantha Donaldson, Bouttoniere by Harlow Garland 

We’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of boutonnieres above - they’re festive floral touches that add cohesion to the groomsmen’s outfits, particularly if the outfits are simpler and/or mismatched. Groomsmen’s boutonnieres should be simpler versions of the groom’s arrangement, and ideally, match the bridesmaids’ bouquets. If pinned correctly (using up to three pins for suits without lapel buttonholes, and placed above the man’s heart), the flowers shouldn’t move in any direction when the groomsmen are on the move. Finally, make sure you pay attention to the proportions - the sizing of the boutonniere bloom(s) should be considered relative to the man’s body size, with larger men opting for larger flowers.

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Image by Zoe Morley Photography


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