The New Honeymoon Trend You Don't Want to Miss Out On

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

If you’ve got your heart set on a wedding in the New Zealand summertime, you’re in the same boat as more than 40% of Kiwi couples. For many, it’s the allure of a combination of nice weather, great sunset, and the longer days that can actually fit in all the celebrations of the day. It’s also the best of both worlds because - if you’re planning to honeymoon in the northern hemisphere - winter is coming! A traditional honeymoon has often been conceived as an experience of lounging around on the beach, sipping cocktails, and soaking up the sunshine. However, a winter honeymoon can be every bit as romantic, if not more (and with much less sunburn). So here are our four top reasons why you should absolutely consider a winter getaway (if you haven’t already planned one!). 


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If you’re getting married in November or December, a Christmas trip to Europe could be the perfect honeymoon. There’s nothing more romantic than exploring a winter Christmas market, gluhwein in hand, while the snow falls around you. Think snow-capped mountains, lights in the trees, and castles on craggy hills… the novelty that comes with a white holiday season will no doubt make your honeymoon a memorable one. 


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Whether you’re looking for the vast slopes of Canada, exciting après-ski in Europe, or cultural immersion in Japan, a winter honeymoon means you’ll have plenty of options for some amazing snow adventures. If you and your partner are active types who love being outdoors, or you just want to try something new, make the most of all the skiing and snowboarding opportunities that’ll come your way. But if snow sports aren’t your thing, there are so many other activities to do on a winter holiday. How about a dogsled ride in Norway, followed by a viewing of the famous northern lights? A snowmobile ride on the Swiss Alps? Or ice-skating in central park? Eat your heart out Tonya Harding!


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And after you’ve finished carving up the mountain, or strolling through festive markets buying traditional crafts, jewellery, and the seasonal edible delights, you get to retreat into the cosy indoors with your partner. Chill out by the fire with a hot chocolate – who says you need a beach to relax? 


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So many of the world’s great cities are equally fascinating in winter time – like London, Paris, or New York. In these popular destinations, accommodation can be incredibly expensive during summer. Opting for a winter honeymoon means you can enjoy a big city on a much smaller budget (plus you won’t have to waste so much time in long queues!). The money you save on accommodation could be put towards seeing a play at the Globe, touring the Louvre or tickets to a Broadway show!
If you’re reading this and thinking that a winter honeymoon sounds great but you won’t have the budget after the wedding, a honeymoon registry through Honeypot can help you out. Rather than gifting traditional household items, your guests have the option to contribute to the honeymoon of your dreams. All the ideas above have been used by real Honeypotters who have had their winter honeymoons funded by friends and family - Try it out for yourself.

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