The Perks of Booking an Off-Season Wedding

By Pilkingtons and Maria Yeonhee Ji

Picking a wedding date requires a degree of planning savoir-faire. Though two-thirds of people get married in the summer months (with Saturday being the most popular day of the week to tie the knot), those who opt for an off-season event get numerous perks that can make a significant difference to the wedding – and wedding planning – experience. As some of these can only be taken advantage of if you are aware of them, we’ve brought you an industry insider's overview of the perks of booking an off-season wedding.

 1/ You Get to Work with Your Dream Vendors

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Image by Nicky B Photography. Hair and Makeup by Paige Best. Dress by Vinka Design.

Planning an off-season wedding means it is much more likely that the creatives on your dream wedding vendor wish list will be available. Whether it’s a perfect venue you’ve had your heart set on since before the proposal even took place, the award-winning chef with the recipes to-die-for, or the talented photographer whose oeuvre you’d hang on your wall even if the photos aren’t of you... setting the date in the slower season means you won’t have to wait months to years before vendors have openings (or settle for second best).

2/ You Get the Best Consultations 

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Image from Pilkingtons

An off-season wedding means that you will be consulting vendors in periods when they have more time to listen and accommodate your opinions and vision. It’s also less likely that you’ll be dealing with the inexperienced (or less experienced) seasonal staff hired to cover the busier months, meaning you’ll be getting the quality, professional input showcased on the vendor website portfolios. For example, no matter how gorgeous a wedding dress may seem on models and mannequins, the assessment of fit is three dimensional; the difference between an experienced eye and an amateur in judging how well the dress flatters your physique will definitely show in the wedding photography.

3/ You Can Indulge a Little (Or a Lot)

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 Image from Pilkingtons by Simon Schueller Photography

Booking an event in the off-peak season or a non-Saturday means you’ll be charged considerably less for the same services and products. This gives you room in the budget to indulge a little in other aspects of the wedding, be it the dress, live music, or – the guests’ veritable favourite – food and wine. The styles of wedding dining have evolved over the years, and now include numerous options: buffet tables, multiple-course dinners, walk and fork meals, grazing menus, and sharing styles that encourage more interaction between guests. Whether you opt for the formal sit-down meal or a more relaxed style of consuming the delectables, splurging on food, dessert, and/or alcohol is a surefire way to amplify the cheer of the wedding festivities.  

4/ Your Wedding Will Be a Calendar Highlight

Image by Rachel Couch at A Muse Photography

A winter wedding has many charms, one of which is that it’s always an event that brightens guests’ calendars. It’ll be something to look forward to when the New Zealand weather gets more temperamental than usual, and in this season the guests will be fresh and free of wedding fatigue (a common symptom of a wedding-packed summer). Another significant plus that many people don’t realise about off-season weddings is that they are more convenient for guests to attend. By the end of the year, many people will have run out of annual leave and getting time off work may be more difficult; June, July, and August weddings will ensure that you can be surrounded by all your loved ones as you celebrate this huge milestone in your life.


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