Top 10 First Dance Songs - All Time Greats
By Lydia Martin

02 April 2018

By popular request, we have compiled a list of all-time classic first dance songs for weddings. Enjoy!

Rather than just focusing on recent hits, we decided to do a list of all-time great first dance songs, covering everything from Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee to Ed Sheeran and Ray LaMontagne.  We're sure you'll find something you love in amongst these great songs.

We've also classified these great songs (which are listed in no particular order), to make it easier to find the right song for your wedding.

All Time Greats

1. Frankie Valley - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Vintage - Pop
This is a vintage classic.  It was #2 in the charts in 1967 but still sounds great today.  Very romantic and sweet, and a great speed for dancing.


2. Percy Sledge - When a Man Loves A Woman
Vintage - Soul
From a year earlier (1966) comes this beautiful song from a Percy Sledge.  This would be a good song if you don't want to work out a routine and would rather just get out on the dancefloor and dance together in each others' arms.


3. Frank Sinatra - Under My Skin
Vintage - Jazz
There's nothing like Ol' Blue Eyes for your first dance.  This is only one of dozens of classic love songs Frank Sinatra performed but it's one of his best known. This would work very well with a vintage themed wedding.


4. Van Morrison - Someone Like You
Someone Like You is one of Van Morrison’s very best.  Morrison's gruff, world weary voice combined with his lyrics about the search to find "the one" make for a fantastic first dance song. “Someone like you makes it all worthwhile".


5. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes Home
Modern - Folk
Home is a super cool folky girl and boy song.  This song has it all - attitude to burn, a great beat, and the refrain of the chorus is timeless: "Home is whenever I'm with you."  This song would suit couples looking for something that is both modern and classic in style.


6. Al Green Let’s Stay Together
Vintage - Soul
This one is an absolute stone cold classic. Let’s Stay Together is a beautiful song, and the lyrics are perfectly suited to a newly married couple.


7. Ed Sheeran Kiss Me
Modern - Folk
Kiss Me is a gorgeous song from a brilliant young songwriter. We dare you to listen and not tear up when you imagine this as your first dance!


8. Ray LaMontagne - You are the best thing
Modern - Soul
Ray LaMontagne’s song combines old school soul with a raw and unique voice. ‘Oh because, you are the best thing / You are the best thing / You are the best thing / Ever happened to me’


9. Etta James - At Last
Vintage - Jazz
At Last is a very old song that will work perfectly for a vintage themed wedding.  the song has a 6/8 groove combined with a great voice, resulting in the perfect speed and tempo for the first dance.  It also offers several seconds of introduction music which will make finding your groove a little easier.

'At last my love has come along / My lonely days are over / And life is like a song'


10. Peggy Lee – Fever
Vintage - Jazz
Peggy Lee imbues everything she sings with classic cool, but this song just smoulders.  Right from the get go, Fever will capture everyones' attention with its clicking fingers and double bass, and will be a great way to get everyone on the dance floor.


Sam Browne is the co-founder of Auckland Weddings. He is an established songwriter and musician with a string of releases to his name that have achieved success on NZ radio. Sam also operates Find A Band, an entertainment agency offering performers throughout New Zealand.