Wedding Desserts Your Guests Will Love

By Maria Yeonhee Ji

There’s so much more to wedding desserts than the cake. With the rise in popularity of the dessert grazing table, more and more couples are embracing the opportunity to spoil their guests with an assortment of the finest delectables they can get their hands on. If you’re trying to figure out what treats you want for your loved ones on your day, here are eight of the sweetest sweet treats that are sure to put smiles on your guests' faces. 

1/ DOughNUTS

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Image by Harmony Lynn Photography

Doughnuts have been an incredibly popular wedding dessert in recent times. They appeal to the majority of your guests, while also being easy to decorate to fit your theme. Whether you opt to have them displayed on a doughnut wall (which also serves as a delightful (and delicious) photo backdrop) or in stacks on a dessert grazing table, doughnuts are a surefire way to get your guests a little excited. 


popsicles, iceblocks, icecream, cold, frozen , dessert, treat, summer, wedding

Image by Devon Donnahoo Photography

A little bit trickier to display due to the possibility of premature melting but absolutely perfect for summer weddings are popsicles. There is an unbelievable variety of options when it comes to recipes for gourmet popsicles, and the craft of decorating them has also evolved into an art form itself.  

popsicles, iceblocks, icecream, cold, frozen , dessert, treat, summer, wedding

Image by Simply Beautiful Eating

If you’re planning for an outdoor wedding, or the forecast is for sweltering heat, popsicles are as practical a dessert option as they are pretty. They’ll keep your guests hydrated and cool throughout the day, and finding options to meet any guests’ dietary requirements will be a breeze. 


pie, dessert, sweet, treat, wedding, catering

Image sourced via Row + Robins

Not everything you serve for dessert has to be bursting with sugar. Savoury treats like a range of pies will be much appreciated by those wanting something hearty (but heavenly). They can be decorated to look as exquisite as they taste, and fit the rustic wedding’s aesthetic particularly well. 


cake, wedding, treat, dessert, guests, catering, diy, sweet

Image by John Reynolds Photography

When people think of the cakes at weddings, most think of something consisting of tiers and buttercream. One of those most underrated dessert options, however, is the humble bundt.

cake, wedding, treat, dessert, guests, catering, diy, sweet

Image by Tipos Photography Services

Bundt cakes are versatile as they can be served as the wedding cake, extra treats, or wedding favours to take home. They’re easy to decorate and serve and have that festive element that evokes that cosy, intimate feeling of sharing food with your nearest and dearest on an important occasion. 


strawberry, strawberries, chocolate, treat, dessert, sweet, fruit, wedding, catering, ideas

Image by Courtney Corriell Photography

You can’t go wrong with the classic party snack of strawberries coated in chocolate, especially if they’re made as beautifully as these! The chocolate coating can be further adorned with gold leaf flakes or drizzled in chocolate of a different colour. And if you want to take things even further, present them in a tower like in the image above so that it looks like a fruity version of the croque-en-bouche.


krispie, crunchy, treat, dessert, ideas, diy, wedding, sweet, catering

Image sourced from Mui Sweets Creations

If you’re having a child-inclusive wedding, it’s important that your food and drink also include child-friendly options. Desserts like these rice krispie treats pictured above are ideal for the little people attending your celebrations, who may not tolerate the more sophisticated desserts that are designed for adult palates.


candy floss, dessert, wedding, treat, guests, catering, diy,

Image by I’z Creation

It’s a typical treat seen at amusement parks, carnivals, and other events that elicit a child-like sense of wonder, and it’s definitely something to consider serving at your wedding. Visually similar to clouds or balloons, candy floss itself is also a stunning decor element as it adds some vertical dimension to the table decor.


truffles, sweet, small, bite, treat, dessert, ideas, diy, guests, wedding, catering

Image via Jenna Rae Cakes

If you are trying to curate the perfect dessert table, an important rule to keep in mind is to have a variety of different-sized treats. Smaller items like truffles that only require one or two bites are great for peckish guests who want something quick to munch on before returning to the dance floor. And if you want to try some experimental recipes like the lovely earl grey truffles pictured above that might not necessarily be every guest’s favourite option, smaller is better so that you don’t have a lot of food waste.

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