What’s Your Bridal Style? 4 Stunning Looks for Your Wedding Makeup

By Your Makeup Artist

As the ‘Blushing Bride-to-be’ there are many different styles you can choose for your wedding day look. You may like a ‘natural’ look or you might be keen to try something a little bit bolder, just remember – there’s more than one way to do your makeup on the big day! To help you find the perfect bridal makeup style, Nicola Harvey, the creative mind behind Your Makeup Artist, has given us her top 4 makeup looks, complete with gorgeous images & descriptions. Be inspired!

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: “What type of bride am I?” when designing your makeup look with Your Makeup Artist. Questions to consider include:

1.       How do I want to wear my hair?

2.       What is my current makeup style?

3.       What are the unique details on my dress which make it stand out?

4.       What style of wedding am I planning on having (think vintage, rustic, modern, etc…)?

5.       What colour palette have I chosen?

Each of these questions can have a wonderful variety of answers, painting a picture of some very different but equally beautiful brides. Your bridal makeup should be an extension of who you are, an enhanced version of you self that ties in well with the over all mood and feel your wedding celebration will portray.

Here are the current gorgeous and popular makeup looks you can consider with Your Makeup Artist:

1.       The Minimalist Natural Look

With this look think all about your SKIN. This style features a mixture of light reflective and matte textures, which will glow with a dewy finish. It’s not overly powdered and has a subtle highlight and contour that sculpts your natural bone structure, allowing you to look radiant from all angles. This look is best described as understated yet effective.

On the eyes use soft washes of peaches, taupe, lavender, and soft greys with no hard graphic lines. Avoid strong use of black which should instead be saved for the mascara and lashes! Soft peaches, roses and light baby pinks on the cheeks, with a pressed in matte finish to the lips, creating a soft romantic, country, almost ethereal bride.

This particularly suits fair toned complexions with freckles and someone without an overly oily skin type. Pretty, angelic & feminine are all words which perfectly describe this minimalist approach. No feature is competing since it’s all about achieving harmony & balance.

2.       Alluring Smokey Eyes

With this look it’s all about the EYES. Think of amazing skin with great structure (again, not overly powdered) just in the right places - centre of forehead, tip of the nose, nose to mouth lines and a small area of the chin.

Avoid over use of black eyeliner, again saving this only for the Water Resistant Mascara & individual lash extensions which add subtle volume and length in the outer corner of the eye. For the eyes use washes of colour in a monochromatic palette, either plums or smokey browns, charcoals etc… Pick one colour tone, either cool or warm, and sculpt the eye by using light, medium and dark tones of your smokey colour to create an alluring look.

Blended beautifully with no graphic liners, this look is stunning with a neutral lip tone and a pop of gloss to finish.

3.       Graphic Vintage Eye

This look has a romantic and vintage feel to it, taking inspiration from past eras (think 40’s 50’s & 60’s). It is a very clean and polished style, with a structured and defined brows, neutral shades of eye shadow to highlight and contour the eye area, light through the lid with the medium & darker tones blended up into the crease of the eye.

Finish with a razor sharp black or dark brown eyeliner, liquid or gel based with a fine brush, flicked out in the perfect direction to suit your eye shape. All eyes are shaped so differently so be aware of the angle and how far you take your flick out. Subtly done or dramatically bold, this look can be so beautiful when done correctly, left cleaner under the eye and with precision.

Try a half set of lashes, they not only add a lot more drama and definition to this look, but are easier to apply and more comfortable to wear than a full set. Really play out the bottom lashes with lots of mascara if your inspiration is more of a 60’s vibe. This style of bridal eye looks particularly stunning with a soft neutral, creamy matte finish on the lip.

4. Lip Focus

For those lucky brides with very luscious lips, this is a perfect way for you to have a fun pop of colour by adding a playful lip focus to your bridal look!

Now some brides may be hesitant, being concerned about the first kiss with your new spouse, but don’t be! Kiss him with confidence and all your heart, your trusty bridesmaid can be equipped with a makeup wipe ready to step in and let him clean up after he has puckered up if your lipstick kisses off! There are also plenty of tricks Your Makeup Artist will know of to keep that lip perfectly in place for the whole day, with minimal touch ups required.

Ensure you have perfectly primed skin with a nicely groomed and filled in brow where needed, combed through and set with some clear lash gel.  Choose neutral colours for the eyes, warmer tones work well for this, champagne, golds, bronzes, caramels, browns etc…

Varying shades of red, pink and plums can look stunning, left matte or with a touch of clear gloss to give a super sexy glassy effect. This look works particularly well for an elegant evening or cocktail party wedding. When done well, this looks divine. Water Resistant Mascara and lashes, lashes, LASHES to finish!


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