Your Essential Packing Guide for a Stress-free Honeymoon

By Honeypot Registry and Luke Ellery

Honeymoons tend to be a little more complicated than they used to be. While you might just spend a week lounging by the beach in Fiji straight after the wedding, you equally might have an epic two-month trip planned around the world that you don’t head off on until months after the wedding.

Given that the last thing you want is for your honeymoon to be stressful (which would defeat the purpose), packing well can make a whole heap of difference.

So what are the essential items when packing for your honeymoon, and more importantly, what are the items you’ll regret not bringing along? Find your approximate honeymoon category below and see our suggested items; at the bottom of the article, you will also find a very handy complete packing list of essentials for any location.

Island Escape


Image by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

You’ve opted for a very relaxed honeymoon. There isn’t much you need to bring to an island; the point of this type of trip is to travel light. Take the emotional and mental weight off your shoulders by simply spending time on the beach, and take the literal weight off your shoulders by not over-packing. Nonetheless, there a few helpful things to include in your suitcase that can make your trip a little better.

1/ A Quality Book

Something to give you a little excitement while lounging in the sun. A book (or Kindle) can go with you anywhere, so it’s the perfect item for “packing-light.” A nice long book will last you the whole way and even serve as a bit of entertainment for the plane ride there and back. If you finish it before you leave, donate it to an op-shop, or sign it with a motivational message and leave it on a bench at the airport for another lucky traveller to find.

2/ A Light Dress

Pack a thin and light dress/cover-up that dries quickly. If you’re spending a lot of time on the beach, it can help to have a dress that is easy to throw over a bikini so you can duck away to go shopping or get drinks without feeling uncomfortable. For the boys, we suggest a loose linen shirt; the light material will dry quickly, and you can wear it to and from the beach.

3/ A Floppy Beach Hat

This one is aimed at the ladies. No one has ever not felt fabulous in a floppy beach hat. They are practical as they are stunning; they are easy to fold into a bag, they make you look like a total beach babe, and they protect you from the sun!  Boys, of course, you should pack a cap or hat too – safety first, with style coming in a close second.

City Experience


Image by Tim Stief

You’re the kind of couple that love trying new foods, seeing shows, and dancing the nights away. There are some fabulous city honeymoon destinations out there each filled with rich history, local delicacies, and spirited night-life. Be prepared for a lot of walking, a lot of carrying, a lot of worrying about travel and accommodation, but also a lot of incredible memories. Here are a few items that you might regret not having while you explore the concrete jungles.

1/ Versatile Footwear

In the city, you can expect to be doing a lot of walking around (shopping, sight-seeing, etc.) It’s handy to have a pair of shoes that can help you through those 10-15km walks without making you feel like you want to amputate them at the end of it. However, we all know that it’s hard to find comfortable shoes that can also be worn on a night out. A sleek pair of Nikes or Adidas trainers look fashion-forward with jeans or a dress.

2/ A Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are only big enough to fit the essentials – the point of them is that you can fit them into smaller places, so they are harder to steal. Some travel wallets also come with technology that prevents your Paywave being activated without your consent which is an unfortunate reality for several densely-populated cities.

3/ A Fashionable Backpack

When we say fashionable, we really just mean one that doesn’t make you look too much like a tourist. Again, the unfortunate reality of busy cities is that tourists can be targeted by pickpockets. Having a small, fashionable backpack just big enough for a bit of shopping and your wallet and phone (if you don’t want to keep those on your person) is the perfect city explorer’s accessory. Or if the backpack freaks you out, try an across-the-body satchel instead. Remember, zips not clips!

Hiking Trip


Image by Patrick Schneider

Hiking trips or adventure trips are perfect for couples who want to get away from people but don’t want to completely shut down. These kinds of trips are physically challenging, and the list of recommended items could go on and on. Below are just a few handy ones that might be overlooked in the mess of information out there. One thing you can be sure of, if you do go on an adventurous honeymoon trip, is that you will come back as stronger people, both individually and as a couple.

1/ Hiking Shoes

This may seem obvious to some, but there are a sad number of people who think they can go on a serious hike wearing a regular pair of runners and expect not to get sore feet. Hiking boots protect you from a number of things (rough terrain, ankle injury, animal and insect bites etc.). They are mostly hydrophobic too which you will be so thankful for if you encounter any river crossings. If you plan on tackling the outdoors and challenging yourself with a multi-day hike, then you should seriously invest in a pair of hiking boots.

2/ Cards

Casual entertainment on an adventurous trip in the wild can be hard to find. A pack of cards is perfect. Not only are they incredibly versatile in the number of different games you can play, but they are also the perfect packing size. On a hiking trip, you are bound to be lugging around a massive bag that is absolutely packed to the rim with “essential safety items.” A small deck of cards can slip into the side of a full bag and keep you entertained for hours when the occasion calls for it. 

3/ Cooling Neck Tie

Depending on when and where you are going hiking/ exploring, you might be at risk of heat stroke. A great solution to this is a cooling necktie which can keep the back of your neck nice and chilled in those extra-heated environments. You don’t want to spend half your honeymoon in bed suffering – a little bit of preparation with a creative invention like the cooling necktie could be a lifesaver. Alternatively, if you are going to explore a much cooler climate, then a neck warmer (also known as a scarf) is a great idea!

The Full Packing Checklist


Image by Annie Spratt

1/ Think Flexible When it Comes to Clothes

When it comes to clothes, it pays to be prepared. No-one wants to carry around their whole wardrobe though, so aim for flexible items that can be dressed up or down, and rolled up small. For a week honeymoon or longer, each of you should bring:

  • 7 x underwear
  • 7 x socks – a mix of ankle, crew cut, or warmer
  • 5 x t-shirts or tank tops – aim to make at least 1 or 2 of these able to be dressed up
  • 1 x long sleeve top (merino works well if you’re heading to colder climates!)
  • 1 x nice shirt (for guys) or dress (for girls)
  • 1 x shorts
  • 1 x jeans (preferably a nice pair that can be dressed up)
  • 1 x track pants or leggings (you’ll be pleased when you’re keen to relax in the evenings!)
  • 1 x bathing suit/board shorts
  • 1 x cardigan or lighter jacket
  • 1 x fleece or puffer jacket (if your honeymoon’s not quite so tropical)
  • 1 x light windproof raincoat
  • 1 x pair of flip flops
  • 1 x sneakers/walking shoes
  • 1 x nicer shoes
  • 1 x Hat (preferably one that can fold up small)

Don’t worry about bringing clothes for more than a week – you are guaranteed to find somewhere to do laundry at least once a week!

2/ Go Small with Toiletries.

This one’s probably the most subjective – some of us can be a little picky about what we use. We suggest getting a few cheap travel bottles (a cheeky trip to K-mart can get you some of these) and filling them up with your favourite products. This could include:

  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Body wash (if you’re staying in hotels this is probably the easiest one to skip)
  • Toothpaste & brush
  • Face wash & moisturiser (or just face wipes if you’re a little lazier)
  • Razor & exfoliating glove (no-one wants an ingrown hair while travelling)
  • Sunscreen & insect repellent (especially important for those of us whose blood is apparently irresistible to mosquitos)
  • Back up pads or tampons (just a few – you can always pick up more on the way!)
  • Rehydration sachets, altitude sickness pills etc. (whatever your travel doctor suggests – especially if your honeymoon includes some adventure destinations)
  • Mini first aid kit (just some plasters, antiseptic wipes, Panadol and a few other essentials)

3/ Handy Travel Tools

While we wouldn’t recommend loading up your bags with too many tools, there are a few things that can make travelling together a whole heap more comfortable, including:

  • A good travel pillow each (try it out before you go so you know if it’s any good!)
  • Your device of choice (Kindle is the best thing that ever happened to the book-loving traveller. Although, a Nintendo Switch might be more your style. Either way, make sure you’ve got something to keep you entertained on those long flights and train trips!)
  • Universal power adaptor (especially if you’re heading to multiple countries)
  • Headphone splitter (perfect for watching the next episode of your favourite Netflix show together)
  • Packing cubes (so you don’t have to pack and unpack constantly to find what you’re looking for)
  • Money belts that go under your clothes (while they might feel and look a little lame, they make you feel a lot more secure about your money and passport)

4/ Don’t Forget the Official Stuff

Of course, then there’s the boring but necessary stuff:

  • Passports
  • Tickets/itinerary
  • Travel insurance details & contact number
  • Local currency (or a lot of US dollars if you’re heading to off-the-beaten-track places; many of them use US dollars)
  • Credit card or back up monetary access (preferably with an RFID envelope to protect scanning)

Pro tip: Make sure you’ve got scans of all your details saved in Google Drive/Dropbox or your email so you can access them wherever you are in case anything goes missing.

So that’s it – your essential guide to packing for a stress-free honeymoon (no frantic dashes to a supermarket as soon as you arrive). Just perhaps check that you’ve both used the list to avoid any ‘I TOLD you to pack that!’ moments. 

And if you’re keen to make your dream honeymoon a reality, why not ask your guests to help? Honeypot Registry lets you create a customised registry that still allows your guests to feel like they’re giving you a real gift, while you get the cash in your bank account to make the honeymoon happen. What’s not to love? Click here to view their website.


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