Auckland Wedding Alterations
By Raashka Mannie

10 December 2020

Stitch for stitch, your wedding outfit should be a work of art that fits you like a glove, which is exactly why wedding alterations are worth their weight in gold.

It can be the length of your sleeves, the way the train falls or the hem of your suit - any and all alterations, big and small, are a big deal when it comes to your wedding outfit. You've got to find a sewist that really gets what you need and why, be it something that requires a loose button being fixed or changing the cut to suit your body shape. Explore the experts of wedding alteration in Auckland and rest assured that you will look as glamorous as you feel on your big day.


Alter Me

Image by Alter Me

It's all about looking and feeling your best with Alter Me. Bespoke bridal gowns and alterations are the cornerstones of her work, with precision and care like none other when it comes to making sure that your wedding dress is fitted to perfection. After all, what's the point in walking down the aisle in a wedding outfit that isn't making you feel like the star you are? Alter Me carries out extensive and high-quality work when it comes to bridal wear, with custom designs, alternations and more at your fingertips. Years of industry knowledge and nights hand-stitching bodices to perfection has made Alter Me one of the most trusted and loved bridal outfit specialists in Auckland.