Auckland Wedding Florists
By Raashka Mannie

22 May 2020

Monet said it best: “I must have flowers, always, and always.” He must’ve been talking about weddings.

There’s a lifelong love between florals and weddings. For centuries, flowers have been the universal sign of love in every shape and form, so it makes total sense that choosing a florist for your special is one of those momentous tasks on your wedding checklist. Auckland has a collection of some of the best and most experienced florists in the country, with oodles of experience and blooming talent all around. Below, we’ve gathered up a nice bouquet of the most in-demand wedding florists in Auckland, specialising in framing your big day with unique, memorable or downright stunning arrangements.


Floralessence NZ

Image by Ariana Harrison

Specialising in both fresh and dried arrangements, Floralessence NZ is your go-to wedding florist. Based in Grey Lynn, this team does everything: wreaths, hanging installations, bouquets, pots and more. Choose between their online selection, or have something custom-made for you by their talented team. When it comes to dried arrangements, they are sustainable enough to be repurposed or stored for up to five years - talk about the perfect keepsake! No matter your floral needs, Floralessence NZ has the experience and the blooms to make your wedding day pop.


Branch and Bloom

Image by Dear White Productions

This is a florist that knows the earth, brought into the industry by a florist and farmer, Carol Gibbard. Branch and Bloom is the expert when it comes to creating bespoke floral arrangements for weddings and events. Situated in Clevedon, they have 500 square metres of dedicated cut garden, incorporating beautiful and delicate botanicals into their design work which are not readily available at the flower markets. Branch and Bloom offer it all, from whimsical and traditional to natural and wild with unusual textures and foliage.


Bay Blooms Wedding Florist

Image by Fay Carey Photographer

Based in the verdancy of Clevedon, Bay Blooms Wedding Florist boasts over 20 years of experience in the floral industry. They're all about creating new and exciting arrangements for your wedding. They have a particular passion for combining all kinds of greenery with one another to create something superb. From the standard and beloved flowers and leaves to rustic twigs, flaxes and grass, Bay Blooms Wedding Florist will utilise any combination to give your wedding the extraordinary floral edge you're looking for.


The Florist NZ

Image by Katrina Cook Photography

It's a chance to unleash all that flower power that's been blooming within you. Roses, baby's breath, daffodils, lilies, hydrangeas - you name it, you can make use of it. All you have to do is get in touch with The Florist NZ, here to help take those wild ideas and put them into bundles of beauty that you can glide down the aisle with. Your wedding flowers can be as spectacular and over the top as you want, or as understated and simple as you prefer. They're experts in the industry, with a diverse style and plenty of innovative ideas flourishing in their gardens.


Willow and Sage Botanics

Image by an unknown photographer

Willow And Sage is a boutique wedding florist led by floral designer Jade. Creating timeless and sustainable floral designs to elevate your wedding scene - Willow and Sage provide beautiful florals all over the North Island.


Word Posies Floriography

Image by I Do Photography

At Word Posies, things are done a little differently. They design their floral arrangements using floriography, the language of flowers. In floriography, all flowers hold meaning - based on the type and colour of the bloom. The florists at Word Posies will work with you to create an arrangement that aligns with what's most important to you.