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We offer Auckland's best wedding photographers for hire. Below, we've summarised what each of them offer.

Fay Carey ( believes there are few more beautiful things in the world than capturing moments of joy and genuine love.  Fay's goal is to capture you as you are, with a mix of candid and traditional photograph. Her style is cheerful, relaxed and natural, allowing real moments to unfold.

Perspectives ( consider themselves wedding addicts. They love getting to know all sorts of people every weekend, and getting an insight into their lives. They love the creative buzz of telling every story in a unique way. Through both photo and cinema they capture stories in the most epic way they possibly can.

Zahn ( takes photos of honest moments, real people, and beautiful places. Zahn is based in Auckland NZ, but shoots all over the planet, from the beaches of Miami to the peaks of Queenstown's Remarkables.

Perry Trotter ( has been creating timeless wedding images since 2003. Though he has photographed hundreds of weddings he has never lost the special sense that he is being invited to share a couple’s most important day. Crafting beautiful and classic images is one of the things he enjoys most about weddings. Being unobtrusive is important to him and he makes it a priority to help the couple relax and enjoy their day.

Hollow & Co ( is about storytelling. They're a collection of photographers with a keen eye for the authentic. Led by Tom Hollow, a fine art photographer and filmmaker, their goal is to capture your wedding day in the most honest shades possible, showing genuine emotions and human connections. They chase the simplest of moments – cups of coffee before the walk down the aisle and little laughs as the bridal party pins up their hair – to shine through in all their work. They're a worldwide collective that travels not just all over New Zealand, but the globe.

Art of Moment ( has a passion for capturing emotions, and weddings award them just that. His photography is based on exploring through the lens of the camera, challenging what he knows and discovering new horizons. His style is largely candid, but with teaspoons of guidance here and there for good measure. Art of Moment’s goal is to relax couples on their wedding day, because that’s when he can find true emotion to capture. Detail-oriented work is his forte, as it adds to the story of a wedding day and gives everything all the more feeling.

Kate Little ( love all things that make us starry-eyed: soulful connections and wild love stories. Her style has been described as dreamy, unique and intuitive. Stolen giggles and free-spirited moments without forced posing. Weddings truly are a crazy, emotional celebration of life and she love to be a part of them. What's most important to her is to connect and create authentic images that are a reflection of all you've dreamt of. Thats what its all about: love, family and friends. Her mission is to be your one-of-a-kind storyteller whilst you have the party of a lifetime.

Ralph Bella Photography ( caters to couples who dare to shy away from the traditional ways of being photographed. Their work depicts mood, intimacy and emotion, alongside capturing the honest moments that happen naturally as your wedding day progresses. They have a fine art style, which means they prefer to be spontaneous and free-flowing in their work. Their style is laidback, with their signature edging of a unique and unorthodox approach to wedding photography that is sure to make your day stand out.

Ivana & Milan Photography ( partners in photography and partners in life. As the romantics they are, photography has always been a passion for them. They travel all over the world for their work, with their main influences being their own sense of endless dreaming and artistic souls. They're inspired by the love they see, and consider it a great advantage that they work as a couple to celebrate the love of so many other couples.

Grey Area Production's ( aim is to make you and your day look effortless. Lighthearted, elegant, natural, modern. He likes to work as simply as possible with a hands-off approach to allow the rawness of the day to surface. It’s true that being 'natural' can actually be one of the hardest things to do on the day, so he leads and instruct when necessary so it's not just all up to you.

It goes without saying that Adam Popovic Photography ( aims to produce beautiful images. However, above everything, your wedding photos should tell a story of memories that capture the essence of you as a couple. You should look back at your photos and think ‘that is so us.’ Simply natural, candid and high quality photography is his main aim. The magic of your day is in the connection between each other and with your loved ones. He won't miss a moment of realness.

Trilby and Lace ( thrives when taking photos. There’s so much excitement and expectation at the prospect of taking wedding photos each and every time. Weddings give her endless opportunities for creating images; they are a tapestry of emotion, beauty, love, fun and connection all woven together in a single day. She captures her weddings with her film and digital cameras for extra special images.

Fluro Grey ( is all about capturing real people in the places they love, wherever that may be. There’s nothing more important to him than his friends, family, and creating something meaningful for others. He love shooting weddings, documenting the perfectly imperfect. The moments you’re there for and the ones you miss. The big moments and the little ones. You're about to embark on your biggest adventure and he would be stoked to be there to capture your love story.

Proshot Photography's ( goal is to tell your story honestly and document your day as naturally as possible. When you’re looking back at your wedding photos, she wants to transport you back to the exact moment. To her, wedding photography is not simply about capturing the day as naturally as she can, but about creating beautiful images that tell your story in the best and most honest way. It’s a fine art. She loves working with natural light and the atmosphere of each wedding to bring out the best in everyone, with bright smiles and joyful tears.

As Sweet As Images ( knows your wedding day is going to be fun, full of laughs and love. It’s the day you say, “Heck yes!” to the person that you want to live your life with. Her intention is to not only give you beautiful photos, but to help you have the relaxed, happy, and fun experience that you dream of. She looks to create moments that you're proud to share, photos that take you right back to your wedding day so that when you look at them, you feel all of the same emotions you felt on the day! That’s what wedding photography is about: remembering the day and how it felt.

Alex de Freitas ( is not your typical wedding photographer. In fact, your friends and family probably won't even realise he is the photographer! He'll blend into the celebrations and get to know everyone. A veteran of 10 years photographing weddings in NZ and across the globe, he'll party with you 'till the end and, most importantly, focus on capturing the raw and unexpected moments throughout the day. His passion and strength is not making a big fuss, or worrying about timelines or schedules. You'll all feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease and he can capture the real, honest and candid moments throughout your wedding day.

Chromatica ( loves many different styles of photography, and brings a wide range of ideas to their weddings. They love to take our time on artistic detail shots, capture candid emotional expressions, and carefully posed formal portraits. They are always looking to try something new, and to have fun and experiment, rather than always doing the same things, and they love hearing your ideas to work into the day, too.

Jodie C Photography ( is run by a romantic. She's not the kind of photographer that will shoot stuffy images of you holding your head stiff and saying cheese to the camera – she wants you to enjoy your experience and have fun, and she'll help you do that. Her style of shooting is relaxed and fun, she likes to have a few laughs with her couples, and to make the photography process a fun experience rather than a nerve wracking one! Then she tends to send your wedding party away so she can get some more cozy, romantic photos of just the 2 of you.