Auckland Wedding Photographers
By Raashka Mannie

16 November 2020

Without a doubt, the most precious keepsake from any wedding (besides your partner, of course) is the photography. Below, we've listed the complete list of Auckland wedding photographers you must consider for your big day.

Photography immortalises the love of the day, as there are few mementoes more permanent, detail-rich and valuable as images of you and your loved ones on your wedding day. For this reason, choosing a wedding photographer can be one of the most crucial decisions you make.

There is a ton to unpack when deciding on a wedding photographer: think about their style, about yours, and the venue you've selected. Meeting your photographer to chat with them is absolutely essential, even if it's just over Facetime, and remember to have a prepared list of questions to discuss with them. Fortunately for us all, some of the best photographers in the world are right here in Auckland, award-winning and globetrotting. We took the time to speak to each and every one of them, gathering up necessary quotes on styling and price guidelines to compile a handy list for you to peruse through as you make those all-important wedding photographer decisions.



Image by Zahn

Honest moments mean the world to Zahn. This Auckland wedding photographer believes in authenticity, in integrity and all the kinds of magic that come to life on camera. Zahn takes photos of real moments, real people and beautiful places. Based in Auckland but shooting all over the planet, he travels from the beaches of Miami to the peaks of Queenstown's Remarkables. With a yearning for adventure and bringing couples something extraordinary, you can bet that he'll deliver wedding photography on another level. Having been around romance and weddings from a young age, you're getting oodles of experience in a personable and easygoing bundle.

Check out Zahn's profile and testimonials here.


The HP Collective

Image by The HP Collective

If you're after a stunning display of colour, The HP Collective delivers. Harshpreet, the founder and visionary behind it all, was inspired by the glamour and grandeur of old Bollywood. You'll see this reflected in The HP Collective's style: classic, elegant and vibrant. With a soft spot for traditional weddings, she goes above and beyond to capture your wedding in a timeless style, playing with natural light and shadows. This Auckland wedding photographer is an artist all around, dedicated to her craft and intent on bringing her couples a wedding album that is filled to the brim with character and beauty.

Check out Harshpreet's profile and testimonials here.


Proshot Photography

Image by Proshot Photography

Proshot Photography's goal is to tell your story honestly and document your day as naturally as possible. When you're looking back at your Auckland wedding photos, she wants to transport you back to the exact moment. To her, wedding photography is not merely about capturing the day as naturally as she can, but about creating beautiful images that tell your story in the loveliest and most authentic way possible. The result is a fine art. Proshot Photography is an Auckland wedding photographer that loves working with natural light and the atmosphere of each wedding to bring out the best in everyone, with bright smiles and joyful tears.

Check out Ellie's profile and testimonials here.


Kouki Photography NZ

Image by Kouki Photography NZ

Kouki Photography NZ was established in 2016 with a vision to capture the best moments in life - which is precisely what the best wedding photography is all about. They'll make sure to tell your story frame by frame, preserving the most beautiful moments on paper so you can relive each day. With this, you'll be not only able to revisit the glorious parts of your wedding day, but also the little moments that make up the whole, beautiful narrative. Their Auckland wedding photography is all about natural, candid moments, showcasing your wedding day in all its beauty from start to finish.

Check out Michael's profile and testimonials here.


Samantha Donaldson Photography

Image by Samantha Donaldson Photography

Artistry and honesty combine with Samantha Donaldson Photography. A mother, explorer, plant-lover and, most importantly to you, an Auckland wedding photographer brimming with talent, she is full of adventure and ideas when it comes to your big day. First and foremost, being relaxed matters when it comes to Samantha Donaldson Photography. You'll find your feet with her, settling into a groove that allows for candid moments you'll want to keep forever. She is based in Auckland, but she is happy to travel throughout the country to be a part of your special day.

Check out Samantha's profile and testimonials here.


Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema

Image by Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema

Fizzing with excitement, Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema is known (and loved) for their candid, free style of photography and videography. They mix in a documentary style to bring you a refreshing yet cinematic look that never goes out of fashion. The goal of the team at Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema is to make sure that all those heart-warming, butterfly-in-tummy moments are captured by them for you to enjoy long after your special day. They love blending techniques and innovation to snap the perfect shot for you, from artistic close-up captures of tablescapes and blooms to candid, behind-the-scenes images.

Check out the Didymos team's profile and testimonials here.


Perspectives Photo

Image by Perspectives Photo

Perspectives Photo are what they like to call wedding addicts. They love getting to know their couples, to develop real relationships with them and then to bring them stylistically stunning wedding photography. Perspectives Photo adores the creative buzz of telling every story uniquely. Through both wedding photography and videography, they capture stories in the most epic way they possibly can. These Auckland wedding photographers come as a team, flexible and fun-loving, bringing the right energy and dedication to your special day. With their professional and polished services, they understand the extraordinary emotions coursing through you and want to preserve them in all their glory. As a result, their wedding photography is sculpted with light and strong composition, powerful and moving to the last frame.

Check out the Perspectives team's profile and testimonials here.


Feature Weddings

Image by Feature Weddings

A passionate team woven of artists, dreamers and romantics, Feature Weddings are Auckland wedding photographers that bring the oomph to your big day in dazzling style. Believing that the heart of photography is much more than just a perfectly staged photo, this team goes above and beyond to deliver the soul of your special day. Your wedding photography will mirror you as you are, stitch for stitch, telling your love story in all its golden authenticity. Feature Weddings is headed by Nayz, a wedding photographer with a zest for life; close behind him is a team with talents of every kind.

Check out Nayz's profile and testimonials here.


Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film

Image by Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film

You'll be swept up with Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film. Combining a natural style with a sprinkling of traditional posed shots, this Auckland wedding photographer embraces the whirlwind of wedding imagery in unique fashion. While they're a duo, they don't often shoot together unless requested. You'll find yourself relaxed before their lenses credit to their years of experience. Preferring to melt into the background for most of your big day, Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film specialises in the candid type of wedding photography that results in authentic snaps and easygoing celebrations.

Check out Greg's profile and testimonials here.


The Cedar Co.

Image by The Cedar Co.

Life is an adventure, and The Cedar Co. wants to be the one to make sure it stays with you forever. With a documentary-style approach that is rich with emotion and storytelling, this Auckland wedding photographer is all about celebrating your big day in remarkable style. Whether he's following you up a mountainside or along a beach at sunset, he makes sure to capture all the moments that matter. It's all about stitching together the beauty of your big day with great attention to detail. You can't go astray with The Cedar Co., experts in telling the tale of your special day.

Check out Guy's profile and testimonials here.


Zanda Photo & Video

Image by Zanda Photo & Video

Quality, connection and natural beauty, the defining factors of Zanda Photo & Video's approach to wedding photography and videography. Your wedding will be treated with the utmost care, uniquely inspired by Scandinavian-style photography: minimalistic, clean photography that isn't staged. With years of experience, Zanda Photo & Video loves neutral palettes, playing with texture, light, shadows and everything in between, resulting in mythical wedding imagery that will express you for all you are - a culmination of romance and all the good things that come with it. Years of experience and plenty of creativity makes Zanda Photo & Video one of Auckland's favourite wedding photographers.

Check out Zanda's profile and testimonials here.


RitzyStudio Photo + Video

Image by RitzyStudio Photo + Video

A spoonful of glamour and a whole lot of pizzazz makes RitzyStudio Photo + Video a magical creator. This Auckland wedding videographer and photographer is a studio that believes in storytelling. The power of your special day alongside your love is unrivalled - and they're thrilled to capture it. With a knack for South Asian weddings, RitzyStudio Photo + Video specialises in everything to do with preserving your wedding, including photography, videography, live streaming, DJing and drone services. There is so much they're passionate about, and your big day certainly tops the list.

Check out the Ritzy team's profile and testimonials here.


Aduna Studios - Photo & Film

Image by Aduna Studios - Photo & Film

In Patrick's own words, Aduna Studios - Photo & Film was created by love and for love. Fuelled by his passion for helping couples capture the most magical and fleeting moments of their lives, this Auckland wedding photographer goes all out to ensure that your wedding album is a masterpiece. Patrick and his team put their hearts into pushing boundaries and accommodating their clients, inventing new and fun ways to capture and share your big day. Their latest invention, the GIFeo, is a snapshot of your celebration - the perfect way to showcase a little gem from your whole day. From wedding videography to photography, Aduna Studios - Photo & Film has all the tools to guarantee your magic lasts forever.

Check out Patrick's profile and testimonials here.


Perry Trotter Photography

Image by Perry Trotter Photography

Creating timeless wedding images since 2003, Perry Trotter Photography is an Auckland wedding photographer that promises elegance, grace and style. Though he has photographed hundreds of weddings, he has never lost the special sense that he is being invited to share a couple's most important day. Crafting beautiful and classic images is one of the things he enjoys most about weddings. Being unobtrusive is essential to him, and he makes it a priority to help the couple relax and enjoy their day. Perry Trotter Photography has built an indisputable reputation for excellence, echoed throughout his career as one of Auckland's favourite wedding photographers.

Check out Perry's profile and testimonials here.


Ginger & Honey Photography

Image by Ginger & Honey Photography

Ginger & Honey are a creative duo, passionate about immortalising your most precious moments. With 20 years of experience between them, they're sure to create something timeless and elegant. 

Check out Ginger & Honey's profile and testimonials here. 


Diana V Photography & Film

Image by Diana V Photography & Film

Travel off the beaten track with Diana V Photography & Film. A lover of nature, candid moments and sincere laughter, this Auckland wedding photographer loves to bring out the best in couples in the most natural way possible. With a fondness for earthy, rich colours and storytelling, Diana has over six years of experience in the industry, and it shows. Professional, amicable and full of innovative ideas, she will bring your wedding imagery a touch of something mystical with her talent, offering a range of packages to suit every couple, whether you need her all day long or for a romantic elopement.

Check out Diana's profile and testimonials here.


Ryan Watts Photo

Image by Ryan Watts Photo

Emotive, powerful wedding imagery is Ryan Watts Photo's speciality. He knows that your special day is as unique as it gets, an expression of who you are as a couple and a celebration of your love, capturing it in timeless fashion edged with innovation. From traditional family shots to candid masterpieces, Ryan Watts Photo loves doing it all when it comes to wedding photography, ensuring that you relive your day picture by picture. It's all about having a blast with creating and connecting, which is what he does best.

Check out Ryan's profile and testimonials here.


Chris Turner Photo + Video

Image by Chris Turner Photo + Video

It's as simple as it gets with Chris Turner Photo + Video: he shoots weddings because he loves them. Straightforward, stunning and stylish, his wedding photography is a product of years of experience and experimentation. To him, wedding photography is all about documenting those moments you can't get back - little, golden moments and large, glittering ones, all rolled together in one glorious album that will have your special day last forever. As an Auckland wedding photographer, Chris Turner Photo + Video is as trendy as he is dedicated, putting every ounce of himself into his work so you walk away with keepsakes you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

Check out Chris' profile and testimonials here.


Kate Little

Image by Kate Little

Kate Little loves all things that make us starry-eyed: soulful connections and wild love stories. Her style has been described as dreamy, unique and intuitive. Stolen giggles and free-spirited moments without forced posing. Weddings indeed are a crazy, emotional celebration of life, and she loves to be a part of them. What's most important to her is to connect and create authentic images that are a reflection of all you've dreamt of. That's what it's all about: love, family and friends. Kate Little's mission is to be your one-of-a-kind storyteller as an Auckland wedding photographer armed with unending passion, snapping away whilst you have the party of a lifetime.

Check out Kate's profile and testimonials here.


Mikayla Bollen Photography

Image by Mikayla Bollen Photography

An Auckland wedding photographer with a myriad of interests and ideas, Mikayla Bollen Photography delivers something stunning with each click of her shutter. Her whole life has been dedicated to pursuing her love of love - especially preserving it in precious keepsakes and imagery. She is entirely focused on your special day from start to finish, working with you to capture the ultimate wedding photography. With a candid, honest style that changes with the ambience and atmosphere of your wedding, her work is expressive and unique.

Check out Mikayla's profile and testimonials here.


Ralph Bella Photography

Image by Ralph Bella Photography

Ralph Bella Photography caters to couples who dare to shy away from the traditional ways of Auckland wedding photography. His work depicts a plethora of moods, intimacy and emotion, alongside capturing the honest moments that happen naturally as your wedding day progresses. Ralph Bella Photography has a fine art style, which means he prefers to be spontaneous and free-flowing in his work. His entire persona is laidback, with his signature edging of a unique and unorthodox approach to Auckland wedding photography that is sure to make your day stand out without any added effort.

Check out Ralph's profile and testimonials here.


Lionel Tan Photography

Image by Lionel Tan Photography

Lionel Tan Photography wants you to lay back. It's all about not taking yourself too seriously to get wedding photography that's incredibly gorgeous. He loves working with carefree couples like that - ones that really just want to make the most of their Auckland wedding day. It makes photography so fun. As you start planning your Auckland wedding, he'll be there to provide suggestions where he can and share creative ideas with you - this ensures you're on the same page for your big day. During your special day, he'll stay in the shadows to capture beautiful candids, and when direction's needed, he'll be there too.

Check out Lionel's profile and testimonials here.


Jenifer Anne Photography

Image by Jenifer Anne Photography

Comfort is the driving force behind Jenifer Anne Photography. It can be a revealing experience to showcase your love in front of everyone, and this Auckland wedding photographer understands that. She does her utmost to create a relaxing and comfortable space for you and your spouse on your big day. Combining elegance and candid shots, Jenifer Anne Photography brings you an album full of sentimental yet stunning shots with you and everyone you love in their most natural states. Full-day coverage and a duo of wedding photographers ensure that every moment is captured.

Check out Jenifer's profile and testimonials here.


Valo Photo & Cinema

Image by Valo Photo & Cinema

Create something timeless with Valo Photo & Cinema. Their style of wedding photography and filming will suit couples who are not keen on posing, not keen on a scripted day but prefer something organic and whole. They let the day unfold naturally and make sure they're there to capture the moments, very discreetly. Their wedding films are story-driven with beautiful imagery and reflect the personalities of their couples - an approach that makes their wedding films relevant not only now, but in years to come. Valo Photo & Cinema believes in finding art in both the ordinary and extraordinary, which is what makes them one of Auckland's favourite wedding photographers.

Check out the Valo team's profile and testimonials here.


Suzannah Maree Photography

Image by Suzannah Maree Photography

Based in Auckland, Suzannah Maree Photography is all about love stories. Her passion for capturing your special day is rooted in her work. With a soft, romantic style that is founded on authenticity, this Auckland wedding photographer believes that genuine moments are what matter most. She leans towards natural, fresh celebrations with earthy tones and rustic vibes - with a touch of timeless elegance, of course. Suzannah Maree Photography brings you depth and warmth through her wedding imagery, resulting in a wedding album you'll flip through with love.

Check out Suzannah's profile and testimonials here.


Grey Area Productions Photo & Video

Image by Grey Area Productions Photo & Video

Grey Area Productions Photo & Video's aim is to make you and your day look effortless. Lighthearted, elegant, natural, modern. He likes to work as simply as possible with a hands-off approach to allow the rawness of the day to surface. Indeed, being 'natural' can actually be one of the hardest things to do on the day, so he leads and instructs when necessary, so it's not just all up to you. Grey Area Productions Photo & Video loves blending into the background and prides himself on being a calming presence on your special day. He's not just a gifted Auckland wedding photographer but also filled with experience and a talent for drawing out graceful shot after graceful shot.

Check out Andrew's profile and testimonials here.


Curate Weddings

Image by Curate Weddings

Let's craft the perfect day with Curate Weddings, Auckland wedding photographers and videographers that know what they're about. Creativity and individuality often go hand in hand, which is exactly why this team gives it their all to capture your day in a way that reflects you. Focusing on candid, organic moments while keeping an arm's length from the revelry, Curate Weddings delivers timelessly beautiful wedding photography and videography. Relive your day in picture-perfect bliss with these wedding experts, dedicated to bringing you the best in wedding memories.

Check out the Curate Weddings team's profile and testimonials here.


Kirsten Summers

Image by Kirsten Summers

Kirsten Summers is an Auckland wedding photographer that's super passionate about capturing the lives and loves of others. She's a very social person and loves working with people. Weddings are her absolute favourite: everyone looking their finest, emotions running high, laughter, tears, hugs, kisses and, of course, the undeniable amount of love in the air. On a typical wedding day, she shoots everything she sees and more - she doesn't put her camera down at all. Kirsten Summers aims to photograph all the parts of your wedding that you will remember and all the things you might not, giving you the whole picture in a pretty package.

Check out Kirsten's profile and testimonials here.


Adam Popovic Photography

Image by Adam Popovic Photography

It goes without saying that Adam Popovic Photography aims to produce beautiful images. However, above everything, your Auckland wedding photos should tell a story of memories that capture the essence of you as a couple. You should look back at your photos and think 'that is so us.' Simple, natural, candid and high-quality photography is Adam Popovic Photography's main aim. The magic of your day is in the connection between each other and with your loved ones. He won't miss a moment of realness, which is what makes this Auckland wedding photography so in demand.

Check out Adam's profile and testimonials here.


Moving Films + Photography

Image by Moving Films + Photography

Moving Films + Photography has been around since 2012 with a knack for incredible Auckland wedding photography. They are a duo that has totally fallen in love with wedding photography and videography. They're a couple of romantics, married joyously for 16 years and lucky enough to work side by side to shoot and create crazy, beautiful films (and just recently photos) of real couples like you. They know that you're a bit spoiled for choice in Auckland when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, so they like to get to really know their couples and connect with them. Moving Films + Photography is innovative and keen on exploring, especially when it comes to Auckland wedding photography.

Check out Gray + Shanel's profile and testimonials here.


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