Auckland Wedding Car Hire

Car Hire First Class Classics
First Class Classics

First Class Classics provides a variety of immaculately presented, chauffeur-driven classic bridal and wedding cars for... (No reviews)

Car Hire Prestige Rental Cars
Prestige Rental Cars

Prestige Rental Cars offers an XF S Jaguar, Mercedes C250 2018, and an Audi A4 convertible, all at unbeatable prices. (No reviews)

Auckland wedding car hire for weddings throughout the Auckland region. Compare Auckland wedding car hire options and find the perfect wedding car to match your unique style and theme on Auckland Weddings. Arrive at your wedding ceremony in style by choosing from an array of classic and modern cars including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Daimler, Jaguar and Audi, as well as other classic and unique motor cars. Whether you require chauffeur-driven classic bridal and wedding cars, or would like to organise a driver yourself, there is sure to be a car you’ll love on Auckland Weddings!

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