What's a MOHO Wedding?
By Raashka Mannie

10 August 2021

It's a portmanteau we can all get behind: MOHO weddings, bringing you the best of both worlds.

You're sitting down to figure out your big day. You want something relaxed, you want something fun, you want something easygoing - but you want all of this with a unique twist. When planning your wedding, choosing the style is crucial. Is it going to be chic and sleek? Are you going to be adding in tons of cultural elements? Do you think something floral and cute is up your alley? Maybe this is a style you've yet to consider: MOHO.

MOHO is a blending of 'modern' and 'boho.' In the traditional sense, these are more or less opposite ends of the spectrum. Modern conjures up ideas around clean, elegant weddings that lean towards minimalism; bohemian bashes are more carefree and cluttered in their beauty, with a wilder ambience. Who would've thought that these things combine so well? Just like dipping a french fry into vanilla soft serve, however, they make the perfect and most unexpected pair. We're here to share everything we know about MOHO weddings and why they're as cool as can be.

Image by Andreas Markakis Photography


The origin of MOHO weddings

Like most trends, MOHO weddings evolved pretty naturally. People were taking a step back from dichotomy when they decided to place contrasting elements together. MOHO mixes dreamy, ethereal pieces from boho weddings with striking, graceful ones from more modern weddings. The MOHO wedding trend coined its name in 2020, after steadily growing in popularity over the years. In-the-know wedding planners and stylists might have been more privy to it much sooner than the average couple; it had a burst of fame in the industry when the term MOHO finally came to light. There are several aspects that earn your wedding its MOHO branding, so let's take a closer look.

Image by Melanie Munoz Photography

Element one: textures

There is something to be said for the combining of textures. Throughout MOHO weddings, it's a wedding stylist's goal to juxtapose textures throughout, whether it's the bride's dress or the dried flowers or the Persian rug beneath the archway. All textures are explored, most popular of which are lace, satin, velvet, Pampas Grass, cotton linens, rattans, macramé and baby's breath. The coupling of traditional textures of boho weddings, particularly macramé and baby's breath, with the conventional textures of modern weddings is exquisite. It lends your wedding a tangible sensation - one that you can almost feel even in wedding photography and videography. This ethereality can only be achieved with this particular trend. It leans into the essence of both styles while remaining wholly its own. A wedding stylist from France once aptly described MOHO weddings as "supremely confident." Who can resist something like that?

Image by Jana Weisbrich Photography

Element two: palette

It's another moment of contrast when colours clash and cuddle at the same time. The palettes for MOHO weddings are ever-changing, depending on what's all the rage, but they do tend to stay the course of pairing dark with light. In 2020 and 2021, we've seen deep purples, velvet indigos and flat blacks alongside quiet beiges, cool mints welcoming creams. One of the most popular MOHO wedding choices is known as 'neo-mint,' a super modern shade that knows just how evocative it is. It works well with MOHO weddings for its coolness (modern) and freshness (boho). On the other side of the coin, people love embracing rich jewel tones such as lush rubies and swathes of eggplant, painting them against the earthy, neutral tones one usually sees at a boho wedding. What's the result? A palette that is as bold as it is extraordinary.

Image by Andreas Markakis Photography

Element three: wedding wear

Couples love playing around with what to wear when planning their MOHO wedding. When it comes to wedding dresses, in particular, there's no shortage of incredible pieces. When you factor in just how many textures are available with MOHO weddings, the pool of what you can wear seems to extend far past the horizon. Some brides love going all out with a multi-textured dress, mixing lace with satin or silk; other brides go for a sleek, modern wedding dress against the backdrop of their distinctly textured wedding arch. A mainstay amongst MOHO wedding dresses are the sleeves: bell sleeves are hot to trot, further adding to that dreamy, magical feeling that comes with every MOHO wedding. The trend of wedding wear filters straight into bridal parties, with mixed textures and colours following suit. The dresses and outfits that bridal parties opt for follow the carefully selected palette of the wedding while remaining natural.

Image by Rachel Takes Pictures

Element four: table settings

Let's get rustic over here. Candelabras, woodwork, chandeliers, uniquely coloured plating paired with earthy shades - all of it is game when it comes to a MOHO wedding. You can have raw, natural table runners against square plating; ivory against black and deep purples; neo-mint and bursts of gold with candles dotting the space. All of it sings out in harmony when it's a MOHO wedding because the style is so eclectic. Plating, tableware and décor matters when you host a wedding like this because it sets the tone for the entire event. You don't have to limit yourself to combing through selected wedding hire items. The beauty of a MOHO wedding means thinking outside the box. You're more than welcome to hit up vintage stores, antique shops and even thrift away. You never know what treasures you may unearth as you shop your heart out - all for a very affordable sum if you play your cards right.

Image by Jana Weisbrich Photography

Element five: flowers

In our humble opinion, this is one of the most thrilling aspects of a MOHO wedding. Even wedding florists themselves can't resist the call of a unique palette and texture combination. It's just so magical. Wedding florists that specialise in MOHO weddings twine together twigs, dried flowers, pampas grass and more modern elements to result in wedding florals that will blow you away. It's pretty maximalist - but, when done correctly, it is so seamless and stunning that you'll be grateful you went this route. Some wedding florists even like adding different types of cloth for added pops of texture and vibrancy, whether it's tied around your bouquet or tucked in between sunflower stalks. You can be as expressive as you want with flowers at your MOHO wedding, so don't hesitate to experiment until you find something that clicks.

Image by Jorge Macias Photo