The 6 Best Wedding Cake Flavours to Try
By Maria Yeonhee Ji

06 November 2017

There’s lots of talk about the trends in wedding cake aesthetics - but just as important (if not more so) is the taste of the cake itself.

There’s no point having an ornately decorated, three-tier masterpiece that is left untouched by your guests at the end of the day. It’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of flavour possibilities: there are countless lists of filling combinations and icing. Many of them sound fancy on paper but lack in taste. So to help you emerge from the wonderland of cake tastings with a choice that will taste like a slice of heaven, we’ve curated a list of the best wedding cake flavours you should absolutely try on your search for the perfect one.

1/ Lemon Raspberry  

cake, cakes, wedding, lemon, raspberry
Image sourced from Jeremy Simons

A lemon raspberry cake is refreshing with its light, citrus tones - particularly ideal for weddings in the warmer months. With the juicy raspberries to add moisture, it’s a cake that has a low risk of drying out while it waits to be served. There are a few variations of the lemon raspberry cake, including almond variants that add some substance to the texture, but in essence, it is a festive cake with an uplifting flavour - which is exactly what you’re looking for in celebratory sustenance. Topped off with fresh raspberries (or powder), or covered in a white chocolate ganache drip, it’s the perfect transition between a reception meal and the drinks and mingling afterwards.


2/ Berry Brownie With Pretzel & Cornflake

cakes, wedding, flavours, berry, brownie, bite size
Image sourced from Melies Kitchen

It’s becoming more and more popular for there to be a small, symbolic cake for the initial cutting, and then for the guests to be served from sheet cakes or cake alternatives which are much easier to prepare and serve. If you’re sticking to a tight wedding timeline, then an alternative like the brownie in the image above might be the perfect flavour for you. Dipped in dark chocolate (which adds a sumptuous element to the overall taste) and rolled in a crunch containing pretzels (a saltier component that will nicely offset the sweeter fudgey brownie), this is no run-of-the-mill brownie. Containing berries such as cranberry and sour cherry to inject some fruity undertones into the melange, this brownie is a twist (or several twists) on the old baking favourite that makes it more than exciting enough to be served as a wedding dessert.


3/ Red Velvet With White Chocolate Buttercream

cakes, wedding, flavours, red velvet
Images sourced from (left to right): The Keke King, and Patsy Stewart Cake Designer

Red velvet cake is often confused by the lay cake consumer with a chocolate cake that has simply had red food colouring additives. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth; it’s actually an entity of its own (a cross between vanilla, chocolate, and buttermilk) with its own roots in modern baking. Though traditional red velvet is complemented with cream cheese frosting, white chocolate buttercream is a sophisticated alternative that wraps an already velvety interior with a cloud-like shroud of sweetness. A fine flourish to a firm favourite to which nobody will want to say no.


4/ Pistachio Cranberry Lemon & Matcha

cakes, wedding, flavours, pistachio, white chocolate
Image sourced from Melies Kitchen

This is a modern wedding cake option featuring: vanilla sponge cake filled with raspberry compote and passionfruit lemon mousse; a white chocolate and pistachio coating; and matcha green tea chocolate shards. They say the beauty is in the details, and this flavour combination has a lot of them. It’s an option best for a wedding with a high tea or similar sit-down dining option so that the complexity of the cake can be fully enjoyed and complemented with a suitable beverage. Also, make sure that you have an equally delicious alternative option for your guests who have nut allergies so that they don’t miss out on the fun.


5/ Kumara Genoise With Whipped Buttercream

cakes, wedding, flavours, kumara genoise
Image sourced from Honeykki

Not many people know about the kumara genoise - but it’s actually the perfect option for a wedding. Popular health culture is shifting away from sugary, fatty treat. The kumara genoise is a delicious, healthier option that won’t leave guests feeling bloated afterwards. Layers of sponge filled with golden kumara filling, iced over with a light layer of buttercream. Classically, it is coated with powdered genoise and almond slices, which all add texture and flavour to the cake without cluttering the elegant, minimalist look. But when it comes to decoration, it’s really up to you and your cake designer; this is a flavour that could just as easily be prepared as a tiered, buttercream beauty topped with flowers edible or otherwise.


6/ Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

cakes, wedding, flavours, chocolate, cheese
Image sourced from Bluebells Cakery

Independently, cheesecake and chocolate also rank highly in the most-loved cake flavour list. Together, these flavours are even better - just take a look at this gorgeous chocolate hazelnut cheesecake in the image above. Forget fondant - the chocolate drip on this not only completes the brown colour gradient initiated by the nutty crust peeping from the bottom, but it also adds to the subtle textural layering that makes this cake taste incredible. This flavour and icing combination is everything good about chocolate come to life in a cake - be sure to put it on the top of your must-try list.