10 Wedding Invite Trends You Have to See
By Raashka Mannie

30 March 2020

Wedding invites say a lot about your big day. They’re the first thing your guests see, so you want it to capture everything just right.

However, picking your wedding invites is a whole new dilemma. The choices are endless, with so many trends flitting in and out that it can leave you in a dizzying pile of envelope liners and calligraphy pens. Never fear, as we’ve got Penelope from DesigningLove to share some of the hottest wedding invite trends of 2020. With her expertise and some handy research, we’ve put together a list of 10 wedding invite trends that are blazing their way to a postbox near you.

“2020 wedding couples are looking for personalised statement stationery pieces that they can keep and give their guest a sneak preview of what their wedding event will be like,” Penelope told us. From eco-friendly and rustic, to modern invites dipped in moody hues, these invites are here to make a statement about just how fabulous your wedding is going to be.


Image by DesigningLove

1/ For the Modern Couple

“The minimalist-style wedding invitation design is all about a sleek, refined elegance with clean lines and plenty of white space for a chic, modern vibe,” Penelope said. “The typography used is often a classical serif typeface paired with a handwritten/signature style script. Line art and Matisse-inspired illustrations are taking preference over detailed and floral images as the design is stripped back to the essential elements. 

I love a gorgeous, clean, minimalist wedding invitation design. I feel simplicity has such a timeless beauty with an elegant luxury feeling and looks good anywhere! Personalisation is such an exceptional and meaningful part of creating your wedding stationery, and using a minimalist design gives such a fantastic opportunity to do this by swapping out traditional/formal text with your own words.”


Image by Green Wedding Shoes

2/ For the Conscientious Couple

There are a lot of ways to be eco-friendly about wedding invites. Some people opt for recycled materials, which may mean handmade paper that have a unique texture to them. These papers can feature rough-cut deckle edging, giving your invitation a soft, feathery look that can play right into your tastes. Handmade papers give a distinctly romantic vibe with their creamy colours and distinctive feel. If you’re a couple looking to explore other materials, then you’re getting extra creative with flax, bamboo, straw or different paper types. We’ve even seen invitations that have come carved in wood, in the form of potted plants, or, and this is a favourite of ours, entirely plantable and known as ‘seed paper.’ What’s not to love about that?

Eco-friendly wedding invites are not only sending the message of your love, but also of your love for the planet. These invites can be designed exactly like any other type of invite, from the modern type above to the wax-sealed below, which is precisely why they’re so popular with couples this year. It’s pretty cool to love the earth, after all.


Image by DesigningLove

3/ For the Royal Couple

“Luxury is all about the details, and your wedding is no exception,” were the wise words of Penelope. “Finding authentic ways to showcase your love story when creating a one-time event that is effortlessly gorgeous and ‘you’ can be done in so many ways. Couples today have more choices than ever. Wax seals add that unique tactile edge and texture to your invites and stationery – and did I mention how much fun they are to create?!

This is something you can also do together to add your stamp (pun intended) on your wedding day stationery – but don’t worry if you’re not keen or short on time, because you can also get pre-made wax seals to stick on. Wax seals can be added to any of your wedding stationery pieces: your menus, guest name cards, and of course to seal your invitations (the very best kind of snail mail you can get). I see many couples looking to have fun planning their wedding and making wax seals together. You can also personalise your wax seal with your monogram and instantly have a treasure to keep.”


Image by DesigningLove

4/ For the Golden Couple

“With 2020 tipped to be a year of sparkles in international wedding trends, foil accents fit right in nicely,” Penelope revealed. “Gold foil has long been a stationery favourite, instantly adding an unmistakably luxe and classy vibe. When paired with white or a gorgeous bold colour – think royal blue and emerald greens – the gold really pops and adds that wow factor. Your guests know straight away they are in for a stylish celebration.

Gold-foil wedding invitations and stationery appeal to couples wanting to create a polished, glamorous event. Using gold foil detail in your wedding invitations and stationery means the design naturally leans towards a minimalist-style design as this detail takes centre stage. Foil finishes look really striking, especially in wedding signage. Choose black acrylic for a modern glam look, or pair gold foil with vellum paper for your invites for a soft, chic, romantic touch. You can also keep these after your wedding day as a framed art piece.”


Image by Pinterest

5/ For the Artsy Couple

There’s nothing like adding something entirely unique to your invite to make it stand out. Illustrated wedding invites do just that, with the drawing, painting or sketch taking the spotlight with your invitation. These can be done in watercolour, acrylics, simple pen or more – anything that strikes your fancy is a good option. Illustrated wedding invites usually feature a hand-crafted image of the venue or a map of the surrounding area, but don’t limit yourself. Some couples choose to have a caricature of themselves; others enjoy botanical-inspired pieces to dress up their wedding invite. The style, colours and image are all up to you. If you’re feeling it, you can go ahead and draw up the image yourself for your designer to use.

Illustrated wedding invites are exciting in their own way because you’ve personalised your invite with one of the most celebrated things in the world: art. Be it a cutesy sketch or an elaborate map of the woods that you’ve decided to hold your wedding in, your guests will love the thought and time you’ve put into creating a wedding invite so particular to your day.


Image by Oh So Beautiful Paper

6/ For the Chic Couple

“Modern, minimal and trendy is big in wedding stationery,” Penelope told us, “and acrylic is a trend favourite that continues to be on the rise among wedding couples, as it lends an edgy, modern twist to any classic design. Simple, very chic and contemporary cool. Pair black acrylic with white or gold print for signage and you have a sleek and glam showstopper that looks amazing both inside and outside. Translucent, frosted and white acrylic are also popular options for guest name cards, table numbers and invitations. 

Acrylic is not for everyone, and those keen on sustainability and eco-friendly weddings will likely gravitate to other paper options such as seed paper that can be planted after the wedding, recycled/handmade paper or FSC-certified card stocks.”


Image by Behance

7/ For the Edgy Couple

Are you tired of geometric prints yet? We’re not, and neither is the world of weddings. Geometric wedding invites are a popular choice this year. You’ll see this trend continue to crop up everywhere, from cake designs to wedding stationery. Of course, wedding invites are no exception. Geometric design just outdoes itself in terms of elegance and modernism. Bold, sharp lines will give your wedding invitations a contemporary feel, sometimes mixed in with bright and vibrant colours to lend an even more eye-catching design. Others are opting for geometric patterns with a grayscale palette, so it doesn’t overwhelm. We’ve also seen the mixing of geometry and greenery, which lends wedding invites a fresh, natural appeal, contrasting beautifully with rigid lines and deep hues.

If you love geometric prints like we do, don’t shy away from thinking outside the box concerning your wedding invites. You don’t have to settle for patterns and illustrations: your invites themselves can take on, refreshing shapes, inspired by the geometric design. The world is your oyster, and we’re all hoping to be invited.


Image by DesigningLove

8/ For the Statement Couple

“Colour trends this year are beautiful, vibrant and bold in the wedding stationery world,” Penelope explained. “Inspired by the fashion, lifestyle and home goods, the Pantone colour of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue. An elegant, tranquil colour that exudes sophistication and timelessness. Classic blue is on-trend internationally and pairs well with many other colours and metallics to give a striking finish. Closer to home in NZ and Australia, deep greens and natural palettes are firm favourites. The softer hues like dusty rose, greys and champagne/ivory are still in vogue and well-liked.

Expect to see pops of colour in wedding invitation suites such as envelope liners and decorative elements and, well, every wedding has to have something blue!”


Image by Creative Market

9/ For the Flowery Couple

Weddings and their on-going love affair with florals – a more iconic duo cannot be found. It makes total sense that no matter what trends may come and go, florals will remain forever. In 2020, however, the way florals appear in wedding invites might change. We’ve had pressed flowers, painted flowers and so much more. This year, we see all of that and some extra delights, such as the bold and botanical look. This means big, blooming and beautiful, with massive flowers that are there to make a statement to be heard for miles. They’re paired with other trends, such as the modern, minimalist look or the geometric cut, to create striking contrasts.

Ultimately, anything you do with florals and your wedding invite is going to be lush and lovely. There’s nothing like florals to express love and all types of beauty, so you’re good to go no matter which flowery path you choose.


Image by DesigningLove

10/ For the Crested Couple

“Luxury wedding trends for 2020 see wedding couples place a greater emphasis on exquisite stationery and personalised elements that convey their unique story,” Penelope said. “Many are using bespoke wedding stationery designed with meaningful and heartfelt components, bringing their love story to life for their once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Wedding monograms are one of these unique personalisation elements and have always been my favourite aspect when designing a wedding invitation suite. This detail adds truly effortless elegance and instant luxury. Your monogram can be designed specially to suit your style using a carefully selected typeface, design elements and shapes. Typically, a modern monogram has two initials: the first initial of both your first names. Less common, and more traditional monogram styles have three initials where the first letter of your joint surname is also included. Alternatively, you can also opt for just the first letter of your joint name for a more modern logo-styled monogram. Choosing the right typeface and a good design balance is vital for a striking monogram that you will want to use everywhere.

Your monogram is not just confined to your wedding day: it moves with you through your new chapter together. It is timeless as it is versatile, utilised in wedding invitations and wax seals to personalised first anniversary gifts.”


Image by DesigningLove

Tips & Tools from Penelope:

  • Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting events you will ever plan as a couple. Have fun and take your time. Focus on the things that mean the most to you and make it your own. Bend the rules, celebrate your day and your moment the way you want it to be.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match – there is something about snail mail and tangible invitations that just cannot be replaced by e-invites. Yet, you can add so much information on a wedding website. Use your details card to direct your guests to your website to keep your stationery looking streamlined and polished.
  • When celebrating something close to your heart, you want to remember every detail. Invest in creating something memorable that you can keep. Having personalised wedding stationery gives you something tangible to keep long after your magical day has passed.
  • Wedding invitations are typically sent out 4-6 months ahead of your wedding date. However, you can never get started too early. Find an invitation designer that you feel comfortable with to work with you on your wedding details and paper goods. They can help guide you on timelines, what information to include, what to say, etc.



To find out more about bespoke wedding stationery, check out DesigningLove.