Real Weddings

Jacqui and Glen

Photography by Zahn

"I owned a nightclub in uptown Auckland, near K Road. Glen and I met in 2016 when he came into the club with some of his boys, full of personality! He was so cocky and so sure of himself! His charm and charisma immediately caught my attention. He was coming to visit one of his friends, who happened to be my best friend and was working for me at the bar. After hours of banter, Glen and I exchanged numbers. It was all apparently "purely professional" (who was I kidding?); Glen wanted to host his birthday at the club in August. Maybe that was just a great way of getting my number. On November 23rd, 2019, we went away to Taupo for my 36th birthday. I had recently undergone surgery and was still recovering, so we planned a chill weekend with friends. We were heading out for the day to visit Huka Falls and then to the lake to explore the sights. Glen was in the worst mood: grumpy, snappy and getting under my skin! I was taking too long to get ready to leave the apartment we were staying in. The first stop was Huka Falls. Neither of us had been since we were younger. However, on the way to the falls, Glen's mate stopped us off at this beautiful swimming hole on the side of the river. I remember being super excited as it was so crystal clear and looked emerald green - simply stunning. Glen wouldn't get out of the car to come and look. This really frustrated me; he had been rushing me all morning, and when we were finally at this beautiful spot, all he wanted to do was sit in the car! Eventually, we made our way to Huka Falls. Anyone who's been there relates: it's magical and powerful. I was oblivious to anything other than looking over the bridge and watching the water power down the river. When Glen turned me around, I thought I was getting an apology. He was saying very lovely things, none of which I can remember. He then dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife. I don't remember much - I even forgot to speak and say yes! Stumbling for my words, I did finally manage to get some sort of yes out. I then realised everyone there at that moment was watching and cheering. Our friend also caught it all on camera. Safe to say, Glen's earlier mood was due to nerves. As we planned our big day, we wanted something modern and romantic - whites, blush nudes, and lots of candlelight. A wedding that was warm and comfortable, relaxed but formal. We entertain a lot, so I wanted something that would replicate this away from home. As my dad passed away 14 years ago, I wanted to add a unique element of him to the day. I walked down the aisle with my mum and sister to 'Wild Horses' by the Rolling Stones - my dad's favourite song. One of the reasons we chose Kauri Bay was because I grew up there. The whole day paid tribute to those not with us. We played Glen's grandfather's favourite song too and left a red rose spare on the seat next to his grandmother."

Thanks to all the contributing vendors:

Photography: Zahn
Venue & catering: Kauri Bay Boomrock
Hire: Event Essentials
Dress: Hera Couture (Katie Yeung)
Bridesmaids' dresses: White Runway
Suit: Crane Brothers
Celebrant: Jonny Ruddick
Cake: Jenna Maree Cakes
DJ: Jarrod Phillips
Linen: TBLE Linen