6 Essential Questions For Your Wedding Photographer

By Perry Trotter Photography and

When you meet with your wedding photographer to consider whether you’re a good fit for each other, there are a few very important questions you need to ask.

1. Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding?

Some photography businesses have a number of different photographers on call to photograph weddings, allowing their business to book multiple weddings for the same day. Ask whether the person you’re meeting with is the actual photographer who will shoot your wedding, and if not, ask if you can meet with the photographer that will, and view their portfolio.

2. Can you provide references?

If a photographer feels they have done a great job at a wedding, they will usually ask the brides to write testimonials for them; ecstatic brides will often take the initiative and provide lengthy and detailed reviews of their service. These are a great way to find out whether your photographer has performed well at past weddings and has a history of happy clients.

If a photographer has been in business for a number of years they have more than likely photographed at your venue before. If they haven’t, ask if you can visit the venue with them before the wedding, to scope out the area for photography, and talk through any potential issues that may arise (providing it isn’t too far out of town). Usually you won’t be charged for this.

3. Can I view a full set of wedding images?

Often photographers will have amazing portfolios, with dramatic feature images hand-picked by the photographer from dozens or even hundreds of weddings. There’s often a stark contrast between the quality of this selection, and the 300+ that you receive from your wedding day. Ask to check a full wedding shoot to see if they can keep up that quality for the full coverage.

4. How soon will I see my photos?

While some photographers can promise image delivery within three weeks, most work to an approximately 6 week deadline. Some photographers will promise a highlights selection within a week or so, with the full set of images at a later deadline. Check that you’re okay with the timeframe the photographer works to.

5. Do you supply digital files?

If your photographer supplies you with the digital files and an open license, you have the freedom to print, produce albums, and back up as you please. It’s not paramount that you receive the digital files if you’re happy with prints and albums, but be sure to clarify your arrangement. Also, don’t ask for RAW files - 99% of photographers will say no, and for good reason - you’re paying your photographer to produce amazing images, and the images aren’t fully produced until the photographer has touched up the images. RAW images are straight out of the camera, untouched files.

6. How do you handle wet weather or harsh sunlight?

A professional photographer should have the expertise to handle any weather situation, and create art to a high standard, rain, hail, or shine. Ask whether you can view past wet weather weddings or mid-day ceremonies.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I get along with my photographer? I’ll be spending a lot of time with them on my wedding day; are our personalities a good match?

2. Am I comfortable with their work and communication style?

3. Has the photographer listened well and addressed all my concerns and questions?

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