Auckland Bridesmaid Dresses
By Raashka Mannie

21 May 2020

The dream is to be a princess helped into a gorgeous gown by fuzzy forest animals. The next best thing is to find a stunning bridesmaid dress with your best friends.

Bridesmaid dresses are a staple in the wedding world. But this isn't 2008, and this isn't 21 Dresses - not many bridal parties are looking to spend tons of money on a dress they'll only wear once. As time has progressed, designs have grown more and more elegant, with true fashion shining through and bridal parties complementing the couple in flawless pieces, be it silk, velvet or vintage lace. We've put together a list of the best places in Auckland to find the perfect bridesmaid dress at just the right price, whether you're looking to splurge or dial it back. From statement dresses to outfits you'll want to wear again and again, these bridal parties are going to look as fabulous as they are.


Baby's Breath Bridesmaids

Image by Ash Muir

An Auckland-based, online boutique specialising in bridesmaid dresses, Baby's Breath Bridesmaids brings a sense of something special to your bridal party. With seamless designs and a range of incredible options, including their Try-At-Home dress service, for fittings in the comfort of your own home, they're perfectly poised to dress your bridesmaids to the nines. Baby's Breath Bridesmaids is the place for everything a bridesmaid needs.