Auckland Wedding Celebrants
By Raashka Mannie

17 December 2020

It's time to celebrate your love. First, you've got to find the right person to make things official.

After all, getting married means finding the right person to announce it to the world, doesn't it? Celebrants all have their own styles, vibes and emotions that they bring to the floor, so finding someone that aligns with you and your partner is vital. Auckland boasts a bunch of honoured celebrants that are professional, flexible and perfect fits for weddings of every kind.


Lucky in Love

Image by WonderFerris Weddings

For a wedding celebrant that pulls out all the stops, there's Lucky in Love. Kimberly is an expert wedding celebrant with nearly a decade of experience in the field. Considerate and attentive, she pours her heart into celebrating couples and romance in the ways that matter most to them. When it comes to events, she has over 25 years of experience managing, running and organising special days. That's right: Lucky in Love brings luck to everyone involved through an extensive background and unwavering diligence. Let Kimberly put you at ease, walk you through everything step by step and plan the ceremony you've been dreaming of since the engagement. As an added bonus, the first meeting with her is free at her home studio.


Alex Cooper-Cuthbert

Image by Marcel Thiele

Alex is a Tamaki Makaurau-based celebrant, officiating beautiful days with warmth and thoughtfulness. Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony, an elopement, a short and sweet backyard signing or something in between - Alex will curate a service that reflects you. 


Carla Rotondo

Image by Zanda Photography

Carla believes that every event should have a good sprinkling of humour and a whole lot of lot. With an open-minded and adaptable approach - she will work alongside you to curate a ceremony that speaks to you and yours. 


Juliet Harper

Image by an unknown photographer 

Guiding you through the most special ceremony of your life, Juliet Harper is a celebrant with a wealth of experience on her side. Attentive to your values and the nuances within your relationship, she’ll work alongside you to craft something beautiful.