Auckland Wedding Celebrants
By Raashka Mannie

17 December 2020

It's time to celebrate your love - but you've got to find the person who will do that just right.

After all, getting married means finding the right person to announce it to the world, doesn't it? Celebrants all have their own styles, vibes and emotions that they bring to the floor, so finding someone that aligns with you and your partner is vital. Auckland boasts a bunch of honoured celebrants that are professional, flexible and perfect fits for weddings of every kind.


January Styling

Image by Jake Pears-Scown

If you thought January Styling was just about styling, you've got another thing coming. On top of offering incredible taste in wedding styling, planning and designing, she's also a beloved celebrant with years as a gifted orator. She believes that connecting with others is the foundation of a fabulous wedding, and goes above and beyond to get to know couples and their loved ones as a celebrant. January Styling offers her multitude of talents to make your Auckland wedding all the more memorable. What's better than a celebrant that does it all?