Auckland Wedding Dresses
By Raashka Mannie

17 July 2020

There’s no tradition more loved than the process of picking your wedding dress. From dazzling gowns that sweep the floor to elegant pantsuits, your wedding dress defines your special day one sequin at a time.

And why shouldn’t it? There’s endless work that goes into creating the wearable masterpieces that are wedding dresses, from designing to tailoring, with stylists and sewists working every last stitch of passion they have into creating utter perfection for your big day. With so many options beyond the usual elegance of white wedding dresses, designers across the globe have only grown more talented and more creative when it comes to wedding outfits.

Finding the right wedding dress will always be a welcome challenge, whether you’re looking to have something made from scratch or altered off the rack. In Auckland, there are so many wedding dress designers, stylists and boutiques that carry every facet of wedding fashion imaginable, so we’ve put together a list of the very best.


Vinka Design

Image by Emma Keirle

When someone says wedding dresses, you’ve got to think Vinka Design. They have been leaders in bridal wear design since 1959, putting together luxury gowns and outfits in New Zealand. Founded by Vinka Lucas, Vinka Design is all about creating bespoke pieces with a modern edge, crafted with elegance and timeless style. Proud to be family-owned and operated, they are dedicated to bringing you wedding dresses like none other. They have a long-standing tradition of making their wedding dresses the old-fashioned way: by hand. This commitment really shines through in every piece by Vinka Design, with fresh designs and collections regularly released by them and sweeping the bridal world away.


Alter Me

Image by Alter Me

It's all about looking and feeling your best with Alter Me. Bespoke bridal gowns and alterations are the cornerstones of her work, with precision and care like none other when it comes to making sure that your wedding dress is fitted to perfection. After all, what's the point in walking down the aisle in a wedding outfit that isn't making you feel like the star you are? Alter Me carries out extensive and high-quality work when it comes to bridal wear, with custom designs, alternations and more at your fingertips. Years of industry knowledge and nights hand-stitching bodices to perfection has made Alter Me one of the most trusted and loved bridal outfit specialists in Auckland.


Fritz and Sarah

Image by Liam Shoots Weddings

Bespoke bridal wear is a stitch away, thanks to the ever-talented Fritz and Sarah. These Auckland wedding wear specialists come with oodles of talent and passion for what they do. They believe in the extraordinary and unique beauty of each couple; they believe in putting in dedicated work to bring you that picture-perfect dress, pantsuit or wedding outfit you've been dreaming of all along. Based in Parnell, Fritz and Sarah do everything from alterations to custom pieces for your special day.


Baby's Breath Bridesmaids

Image by Ash Muir

An Auckland-based, online boutique specialising in bridesmaid dresses, Baby's Breath Bridesmaids brings a sense of something special to your bridal party. With seamless designs and a range of incredible options, including their Try-At-Home dress service, for fittings in the comfort of your own home, they're perfectly poised to dress your bridesmaids to the nines. Baby's Breath Bridesmaids is the place for everything a bridesmaid needs.