Custom-made wedding gowns: what do you need to know?
By Raashka Mannie

10 June 2019

A wedding day brings a whole series of questions with it. Usually, right after being asked if you've chosen a date, people tend to go on with, "What about the dress?"

In reply to that all-consuming question, you've either got no clue as to what you're going to wear, or you've got the perfect dress in mind and plan to search high and low for it. A refreshing answer to both these scenarios is custom-made wedding gowns. No matter how late or early you begin, custom wedding gowns are a crown jewel atop your sparkling tiara of a wedding day. We've got Anita Turner-Williams from Vinka Design with a few handy tips to help with questions that every bride-to-be has about custom wedding gowns.

Image by Vinka Design

To begin with, what is a custom-made wedding gown? They're individually-made wedding dresses, following the bride's taste and expectations, and entirely sewn from scratch. Although it can be time-consuming and require fitting after fitting, there's a special satisfaction that arrives with having your very own, custom wedding gown. One of the very first steps in choosing to have a custom-made wedding gown is to have a budget in mind. Before meeting with dress makers and leafing through glossy bridal magazines, be aware of your finances as well as any time constraints.

Wedding gowns require so much care and detail when custom-made that it's important you find the dressmaker that's right for you. Designers will have their own ways of working with you, so study up on styles before making any promises. As with many wedding dress designers, the process is an evolution: prices, the final look of the wedding dress and other minor details may change along the way. This is entirely normal, as custom-made wedding dresses are an art form, as fluid as any other piece.

It's important to remember, however, that you should trust the professionals. There will be times you may overthink certain things, or end up worrying too much about something you otherwise would not. Your designer is going to know exactly what to do and why, so have some faith in them when your gown is being woven to life.

Image by Vinka Design

1/ How much does it cost?

The price of a bridal gown can vary depending on what is used to create it: the fabrics, the lace, the trimmings, how much is used and the time involved. We will always try to work within your budget and once the decision is made, everything is included – fittings, alterations, and all that is required to achieve your dream of a gorgeous wedding gown.

2/ How does it work?

It usually takes a consultation or two. We work with you on the design, fabric and lace selection, then provide a sketch and samples for you. A few months before the wedding, we take your measurements and the exciting process begins!

3/ How long will it take?

This really depends on you, the bride. Some of you are super organised and have planned and budgeted for having a lengthy engagement. Others, it’s all go and you’re planning the wedding in less than three months! We’re happy to work with all of you. We can work with you to plan, work out the design, firm up the price and have it all on stand-by for when you want us to start. For us at Vinka, it’s all about you having a wonderful experience and a gown that fits perfectly for your special day. We've been doing this for over 50 years, so trust us!

Edited from an original article by Lydia Martin