Top 10 Event Venues in Auckland 2019
By Raashka Mannie

07 June 2019

As the most thriving city in New Zealand, Auckland has a whole host of options to offer when it comes to event venues.

From traditional, open spaces to unique and quirky, Auckland City has some of the best event venues in the country. Whether you’re planning a fabulous dinner party or an exciting hen’s night, these venues are the best of the best when it comes to event spaces in Auckland. We have 10 of the top event venues, from gorgeous, flowing rooms at the Auckland Museum to the lush and intimate Chancery Chambers.

1/ Wolf of Water Street

Image by Tourism New Zealand

An industrial space provides a blank canvas for you to work on. Wolf of Water Street is located in Grafton, a warehouse procured by award-winning catering company Little Wolf, with polished concrete floors, exposed brick walls and high ceilings to contribute further to its contemporary air. With a capacity of up to 600 guests, there’s no end to the flexibility of this event space: concerts, banquets, parties and everything in between are welcomed by the Wolf Pack, a team entirely dedicated to creating and nurturing thrilling event ideas. They offer mouthwatering on-site catering, as well as full event management, styling and planning, audiovisual equipment, and high-speed WiFi so you can keep the rest of the world up to date on your dazzling event.

2/ Queen’s Wharf

Image by The Treehouse Creative

Settled in the very heart of downtown Auckland, Queen’s Wharf offers stunning views of Waitemata Harbour. Having undergone a dramatic makeover, Queen’s Wharf is now the proud home to two of Auckland’s most famed event spaces: Shed 10 and The Cloud. Shed 10 was built in 1910 and retains its robust, industrial atmosphere, but also boasts timber flooring, exposed steel trusses and a gable ceiling peppered with skylights, able to accommodate anywhere from 53 to 2500 guests. The Cloud, on the other hand, is a modern testament to “The Land of the Long White Cloud,” with unique architecture and New Age charm, able to host anywhere from 11 to 4500 guests. Be it a cosy gathering for your closest pals, or a party with a bang, Queen’s Wharf can be the event venue for you.

3/ Cordis Hotel

Image by Cordis Hotel

Experience the tranquility of a polished hotel venue, with everything taken care of from head to toe with Cordis Hotel. Whether it’s a causal brunch with your friends or a thrilling night out with cocktails, Cordis has a space for you. With 13 different event rooms to choose from within its walls and a maximum capacity of 1150 guests, they are dedicated to making your event a night to remember. Enjoy a catered dinner in their Chandelier Room, an opulent space with classic furnishings coupled with a private bar and glamorous entrance, or book one of their spectacular Great Rooms, heavenly ballrooms that can be individually styled to your tastes by their on-site events team and are the epitome of all things graceful and glorious. When it comes to professionally-serviced events in Auckland, there’s no venue quite like Cordis Hotel.

4/ Auckland Museum

Image by ECC

Elegantly resting on the serene greenery of the Domain, Auckland Museum is a wonderful idea for an event venue with its neoclassical architecture framed by striking columns. It has 5 different venues for you to choose from, ranging from capacities of 100 to 600, and makes for a flexible, fascinating space for dinners, parties and events that could do with a little exploration of the museum’s history after hours. Not only does Auckland Museum permit these exclusive tours, but also offers a helpful and thoroughly trained team dedicated to event management and audiovisual support. Paired with their sumptuous on-site catering, they are poised to run your event as seamlessly as possible at the drop of a hat.

5/ Auckland Art Gallery

Image by ArchDaily

A heritage building that is home to more than 17, 000 artworks, Auckland Art Gallery sits at the base of Albert Park and is a gorgeous blend of the old and new with modern glass and kauri connecting to its Victorian vestiges. The Gallery is happily available for bespoke hire for a small party of 40 or up to 250 guests, with specialist audiovisual support, a tailored menu from their handpicked caterers, as well as additional furniture hire for those moments you’re so overwhelmed by the surrounding beauty that you simply have to take a seat. Auckland Art Gallery is such a unique and creative space for an event, and will lend your affair an air that no one is soon to forget, whether you’re milling around the North Atrium for cocktails or sitting down to a delicious dinner in the Mackelvie Gallery.

6/ Glasshouse

Image by Glasshouse

With all the charm of plants sunning themselves in a greenhouse, Glasshouse is an oasis in the midst of a bustling city. Filled with lush greenery, natural light and bespoke furniture, it can host up to 350 guests and is partnered with some of the best caterers and event stylists to make things all the simpler for you. Glasshouse also has an on-site bar and a professional, friendly team always around to help you plan and manage your event. The allure of Glasshouse is its simplicity: glass, elegance and modern architecture come together as one to form a perfect venue for cocktail parties, gala dinners and so much more. If you can envision it, Glasshouse can help you to bring it to life.

7/ The Bluestone Room

Image by The Bluestone Room

A 19th century warehouse lovingly restored, The Bluestone Room is a historical fixture in central Auckland that features native volcanic stone paired with Kauri beams and floors. It pairs a traditional feel with contemporary elements, accommodating up to 350 guests and sitting directly across from the classy Heritage Hotel. As minimalist as can be, The Bluestone Room is waiting to be styled in any form you desire, with the only limit being your imagination. It features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and lighting, designed with the purpose of equal functionality and adaptability in mind. Their staff pride themselves on delivering the best of the best when it comes to private events, with a wealth of experience and passion for what they do. With the added bonus of specialised catering, The Bluestone Room is a premier option for event venues in Auckland.


Image by MOTAT

The core vision of MOTAT, New Zealand’s largest transport and technology museum, is to “use New Zealand’s heritage, Kiwi ingenuity, transport, technology and associated stories in a creative and interactive way to educate and inspire the innovators of tomorrow.” With this in mind, MOTAT is an endearing and quirky space for your event, spread out over 40 acres since the 1800s and hosting up to 500 guests in their selected rooms for hire. With handpicked suppliers to take care of every event need − from audiovisual and styling to catering and serving − MOTAT is a venue that can even accommodate intimate parties of 10 for a quiet, classy night out. If you’re looking for something with more fireworks, check out their Aviation Hall, a masterpiece of aircraft history and prestige, and an award-winning exhibition space to boot. With MOTAT, no matter how big or small your event, you can get that wow factor you’re looking for.

9/ Fale Pasifika

Image by E-tangata

Fale Pasifika is a beautiful symbol of the identity of the Pacific students and staff of Auckland University. Rich with culture, history and incredible architectural design, it was inspired by the ‘village green’ or marae in Pacific Islander communities and so features a thatched roof and glass walls to allow for a flood of natural light. Able to host up to 250 guests, Fale Pasifika is an event venue that is home to traditional ceremonies, open dialogue, as well as teaching and learning. It is the perfect place to connect to the roots of New Zealand, and serves as one of the most iconic buildings within Auckland City. Its wide, open atmosphere is ideal for all events, particularly ones where the joys of tradition and culture are celebrated, such as a birthday dinner for all your family and friends or a cocktail party to toast to being Kiwi.

10/ Chancery Chambers

Image by Chancery Chambers

Nestled in the midst of Auckland City, Chancery Chambers was built in 1924 and has been a space for events, thought and celebration ever since. With multiple rooms to choose between, it can host dinners, meetings, cocktail parties and so much more within its walls − as well as above them, with a terraced roof top featuring pebbles and decking on trellis gardens, along with a quaint gazebo that does its best work adorned with fairy lights. Chancery Chambers is the perfect spot for smaller gatherings, with a more casual atmosphere to bask under the sun umbrellas on the outdoor terrace, or a chance to network in one of their state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Choosing Chancery Chambers means choosing a cosy yet luxe event venue, housing decades of history that your event can be a part of.