Auckland Wedding Videographers
By Raashka Mannie

06 August 2020

The phrase 'forever and always' comes to mind whenever we talk about videography because there's nothing quite like your wedding day immortalised in film.

Over the years, wedding videography has grown increasingly popular. It's one of the benefits of technology that we get to relive our special moments not just through stunning imagery, but through the careful art of filmmaking. Wedding videography offers a whole new facet of memory-making, the kind that doesn't fade or change like in our minds, helping to preserve your day in all its glory.

Auckland has several wedding videographers out and about - and the number is continuously increasing. Finding a good wedding videographer has come to be the question, rather than just finding one in general. We've got a list of some of the best wedding videographers in Auckland, with years of experience and a knack for making magic last forever.


Perspectives Cinema

Image Perspectives Cinema

With Perspectives Cinema, they believe that when it's done right, wedding videography can be one of the most powerful mediums to remember your wedding day through. Acting as a time capsule, their wedding videography is here to evoke memories and emotions, filmed with love and care. Their hope is that it'll always touch you and serve as something special for your future family to look forward to. They specialise in short, candid wedding videography, with real and honest moments that capture the best of your wedding day. As they're also photographers, Perspectives Cinema has got extensive backgrounds in wedding photography as well as film, so you're in capable hands.


Grey Area Productions Photo & Video

Image by Grey Area Productions Photo & Video

You're getting the best of the best with Grey Area Productions Photo & Video. Driven by capturing pure beauty and natural moments, documenting people when they are least aware, their work is elegant, organic and modern. It combines the touches of authenticity and love that come from a wedding with understated grace, giving you wedding videography like no other. Grey Area Productions Photo & Video enjoys exploring amongst your family and friends for the day, blending into the background and listening to all the shared stories and bright laughter. It'll be those moments that show up on camera and, as a result, stay with you forever.


Aduna Studios - Photo & Film

Image by Aduna Studios - Photo & Film

In Patrick's own words, Aduna Studios - Photo & Film was created by love and for love. Fuelled by his passion for helping couples capture the most magical and fleeting moments of their lives, this Auckland wedding photographer goes all out to ensure that your wedding album is a masterpiece. Patrick and his team put their hearts into pushing boundaries and accommodating their clients, inventing new and fun ways to capture and share your big day. Their latest invention, the GIFeo, is a snapshot of your celebration - the perfect way to showcase a little gem from your whole day. From wedding videography to photography, Aduna Studios - Photo & Film has all the tools to guarantee your magic lasts forever.


Ash Florence Films

Image by Ash Florence Films

Raise a flute of bubbly with Ash Florence Films, a fan of love, celebrations and, of course, champagne. Wedding videography is not just about the film to them, but the experience of it all packed into hours of filming, editing and understanding. Ash Florence Films goes on the journey of your wedding day with you, preserving it in brilliant colour and essential moments. You'll find a genuine connection with this Auckland videographer because they believe that truly incredible videography is rooted in emotions. With a candid, easygoing style, you know that you'll be receiving a wedding film for the ages.


The Cedar Co.

Image by The Cedar Co.

Life is an adventure, and The Cedar Co. wants to be the one to make sure it stays with you forever. With a documentary-style approach that is rich with emotion and storytelling, this Auckland wedding videographer is all about celebrating your big day in remarkable style. Whether he's following you up a mountainside or along a beach at sunset, he makes sure to capture all the moments that matter. It's all about stitching together the beauty of your big day with great attention to detail. You can't go astray with The Cedar Co., experts in telling the tale of your special day.


Curate Weddings

Image by Curate Weddings

Let's craft the perfect day with Curate Weddings, Auckland wedding photographers and videographers that know what they're about. Creativity and individuality often go hand in hand, which is exactly why this team gives it their all to capture your day in a way that reflects you. Focusing on candid, organic moments while keeping an arm's length from the revelry, Curate Weddings delivers timelessly beautiful wedding photography and videography. Relive your day in picture-perfect bliss with these wedding experts, dedicated to bringing you the best in wedding memories.


Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film

Image by Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film

You'll be swept up with Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film. Combining a natural style with a sprinkling of traditional posing, this Auckland wedding videographer embraces the whirlwind of weddings in unique fashion. While they're a duo, they don't often shoot together unless requested. You'll find yourself relaxed before their lenses credit to their years of experience. Preferring to melt into the background for most of your big day, Greg Campbell Wedding Photography & Film specialises in the candid type of wedding videography that results in authentic films and easygoing celebrations.


Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema

Image by Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema

Fizzing with excitement, Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema is known (and loved) for their candid, free style of photography and videography. They mix in a documentary style to bring you a refreshing yet cinematic look that never goes out of fashion. The goal of the team at Didymos Studio Photo + Cinema is to make sure that all those heart-warming, butterfly-in-tummy moments are captured by them for you to enjoy long after your special day. They love blending techniques and innovation to snap the perfect shot for you, from artistic close-up captures of tablescapes and blooms to candid, behind-the-scenes images.


RitzyStudio Photo + Video

Image by RitzyStudio Photo + Video

A spoonful of glamour and a whole lot of pizzazz makes RitzyStudio Photo + Video a magical creator. This Auckland wedding videographer and photographer is a studio that believes in storytelling. The power of your special day alongside your love is unrivalled - and they're thrilled to capture it. With a knack for South Asian weddings, RitzyStudio Photo + Video specialises in everything to do with preserving your wedding, including photography, videography, live streaming, DJing and drone services. There is so much they're passionate about, and your big day certainly tops the list.


Diana V Photography & Film

Image by Diana V Photography & Film

Travel off the beaten track with Diana V Photography & Film. A lover of nature, candid moments and sincere laughter, this Auckland wedding videographer loves to bring out the best in couples in the most natural way possible. With a fondness for earthy, rich colours and storytelling, Diana has over six years of experience in the industry, and it shows. Professional, amicable and full of innovative ideas, she will bring your wedding videography a touch of something mystical with her talent, offering a range of packages to suit every couple, whether you need her all day long or for a romantic elopement.


Chris Turner Photo + Video

Image by Chris Turner Photo + Video

It's as simple as it gets with Chris Turner Photo + Video: he shoots weddings because he loves them. Straightforward, stunning and stylish, his wedding videography is a product of years of experience and experimenting. To him, wedding videography is all about documenting those moments you can't get back - little, golden moments and large, glittering ones, all rolled together in one glorious masterpiece that will have your special day last forever. As an Auckland wedding videographer and photographer, Chris Turner Photo + Video is as trendy as he is dedicated, putting every ounce of himself into his work so you walk away with keepsakes you'll treasure for the rest of your life.


MATA Films

Image by MATA Films

Bold, emotional and entirely yours, MATA Films creates meaningful wedding films crafted with modern cinematic artistry. Toss away the idea of a stuffy, boring wedding film that lasts hours on end and is shot from one angle - MATA Films is innovative, inventive and tons of fun. They create mini-movies that rival a cinematic experience. As a team, they're enthusiastic and hard-working, driven to give it their all when they're working at your wedding. They adore working with all the little details. Their goal is to make a wedding film for you to relive your life's greatest moments.


Zanda Photo & Video

Image by Zanda Photo & Video

Quality, connection and natural beauty, the defining factors of Zanda Photo & Video's approach to wedding photography and videography. Your wedding will be treated with the utmost care, uniquely inspired by Scandinavian-style photography: minimalistic, clean photography that isn't staged. With years of experience, Zanda Photo & Video loves neutral palettes, playing with texture, light, shadows and everything in between, resulting in mythical wedding videography that will express you for all you are - a culmination of romance and all the good things that come with it. Years of experience and plenty of creativity makes Zanda Photo & Video one of Auckland's favourite wedding videographers.


Valo Photo & Cinema

Image by Valo Photo & Cinema

For natural couples wanting natural wedding videography, Valo Photo & Cinema is the option for you. Their style of filming will suit couples who are not keen on posing, not keen on a scripted day. They let the day unfold naturally and make sure they're there to capture the moments, very discreetly. Our films are story-driven with beautiful imagery and reflect the personalities of their couples - an approach that makes their wedding films relevant not only now, but in years to come. Attentive and detail-orientated, Valo Photo & Cinema are travelling wedding videographers and photographers, happy to go where love takes them.



Image by WeddingCast

New Zealand's premier wedding live stream service, WeddingCast, is a little something different. They're broadcasting professionals with years and years of experience, here to bring you the previously untapped art of sharing your special day with your loved ones anywhere in the world, live. Whether you need to put a cap on numbers, or you've chosen an intimate location, or your guests can't make the journey, WeddingCast is here to bridge the distance so your guest list can be virtually expanded. With tons of packages and flexible rates, they're here to make your wedding a worldwide experience.


Moving Films + Photography

Image by Moving Films + Photography

A couple-run wedding videography and photography team, Moving Films + Photography considers it an honour to be chosen for your special day. Established in 2012, they tirelessly work side by side to shoot and create incredible wedding films and photography for their couples. To them, a real connection is the foundation of their work, so they try to get to know you and your partner, whether it's over coffee or just a virtual chat. Moving Films + Photography wants your wedding film to reflect who you really are, bringing you dazzling movies that you'll undoubtedly cherish.