Auckland Wedding Suits
By Raashka Mannie

17 December 2020

Looking for the perfect wedding threads? We'll help you to find something suitable.

A good suit is a mainstay in many wardrobes. Classy, sophisticated and downright cool, they're also the go-to outfit for many people in weddings. Brides, grooms and romantics in general love a good suit when it comes to their big day - so who is the best when it comes to delivering? We've got the answers for you.



Image by Devonché

Devonché's motto is that they don't settle for second best - and you don't have to, either. Offering the very best in the business when it comes to wedding suits, they have decades of experience in fitting, tailoring and consulting, creating wedding suits from scratch or altering ones to fit you like a glove on your big day. The result is a unique, timeless piece that you can wear again and again, personalised but not breaking the bank. Devonché features packages for you and the rest of your wedding party, helping everyone to suit up just right.