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Looking sharp on the big day isn't a one-man job. That's why we're here. Devonché is dedicated to helping you look and feel incredible, without...


Looking sharp on the big day isn't a one-man job. That's why we're here. Devonché is dedicated to helping you look and feel incredible, without... (1 reviews)

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Crane Brothers

Crane Brothers are wedding specialists with over two decades of experience, appropriate advice and services to make you... (No reviews)

Auckland wedding suits. Our Auckland wedding suit tailors offer bespoke suits, made to measure and off the rack suits. Brands include Working Style, Barkers, Rembrandt and more. Check out the range of beautifully tailored suits made by Auckland's finest tailors.

An overview of the options:

The word bespoke itself is derived from the verb to bespeak or to “speak for something”. Specifically it means “to give an order for it to be made”.
Bespoke clothing offers a man full control.

Bespoke standards particularly stress:
1) Hand work used almost entirely on all garments
2) The individual cut of a paper pattern
3) Personal service such as qualified advice
4) Large selection of fabrics
5) Keeping of all records for future orders
6) Involvement in approved training that ensure standards are adhered to.

Made to Measure
Menswear produced to order from an adjusted block pattern. Usually a paper pattern is not built, rather pieces that match those needed are collected and assembled. It is differentiated from bespoke in that Men who choose to buy made to measure have some, but not all control over the process. The degree of control varies considerably – expect more control to cost more. However it is very possible to get a perfect fit – the same as in bespoke - from a made to measure garment.

Off The Rack
The vast majority of clothing made and worn in the world fits within this category. Ready to wear clothing is factory made in finished condition and standardized sizes. This is the most limited option in terms of quality of fit, but is the most affordable.

Choosing Your Wedding Suit: What You Should Know

Guys - if you want to look your best on your wedding day,you will need to buy a suit.

It is an undeniable fact that rented suits never fit properly and always look cheap. They are designed to cater to many different body shapes and sizes, and because of this compromise, they do a poor job for every man that wears them. Dated designs, cheap material, trousers that are too long and baggy along with ill fitting jackets that make you look big and bulky are the marks of the suit rental. We've outlined a few tips on what to take into account when purchasing below.

Say something with the fit
You may be tempted to break out the bells and whistles. This day, after all, is only supposed to come around once. But despite your best instincts, your energy and hard earned money is better spent on tailoring. An inexpensive but impeccably cut suit will look like a million bucks. The same can’t be said for a pricey, ill-fitting one.

Form follows fabric
A tailor’s nip and tuck can only go so far. Without a fine fabric to lay the foundation, it’s tough to construct a winning wedding suit. A slouchy, shapeless blend will leave you looking, well, slouchy and shapeless. A weighty wool, on the other hand, will do just the opposite.

It's about pleasure, not business
A wedding suit is a suit that you'll look good in standing up. The usual rules about day to day life can be put to one side for this suit. That means we can make it fit beautifully and look great in photographs, because it's more about form than function.

Decide if you want to wear it again
Unlike a wedding dress, a great suit could well become your go-to for special events in the future. With that in mind, you may want to consider avoiding anything too specific to the big day, such as having your fiancé's initials or the date embroidered inside.

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